Chile through a lens: Walking through the parks of Santiago

Like every big city, Santiago has a lot of traffic, stress and noice to offer, Luckily, there are great parks arround where you are able to relax and take some time out.

On one hand, Chile’s capital can be a busy and frantic place, while on the other hand, it also offers a lot of beautiful and calm inner-city parks. If you love big cities with lots of green spaces, parks and gardens, then you should definitely come here!

You don’t only have the possibility to relax in one of Santiago’s parks; you can also look for some excitement there. No matter through which park you walk, you’ll definitely see musicians, people dancing together, families having a picnic, dogs playing with each other, women doing a yoga class and many more.

It’s so easy to get to know people out there and to do some activities with them. If you’re craving for some ice cream or sweets in the meantime, that’s no problem, because you have plenty of opportunities to buy drinks, empanadas or sweets there.

If you don’t know which park to visit first, take a look at the following pictures in order to gain some impressions:

Parque de la Aviación

This park is located only few minutes away from the station Manuel Montt. There is a huge fontain and if you go there at night you can see the fountain shining in different colours. The park is directly connected to another one called Parque Balmaceda.

Some parks also include cafés, such as the Café Literario in Parque Bustamente, which is located near Baquedano. You can enjoy a coffee there, read some books or even work and learn, since free wifi is available. Sometimes there are also small events you can visit for free. On the picture you can see the Fiesta de los Idiomas.

The park also includes a playground, fitness equipment and a big zone where you can skate.

The Parque Metropolitano is the biggest park in Santiago and at the same time one of the largest  urban parks of the world.  Here you can find a lot of  attractions such as pools, the national zoo or a botanical garden.  Due to the location of the park you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views over the whole city. On the pictures you can see the view over Santiago from Cerro San Cristóbal.

Of course, these are not the only parks that Santiago has to offer. There are many more, such as Parque Forestal, the huge Parque O’Higgins or Parque Bicentinario.

Especially in spring or summer it’s great to spend some time in the nature, so take some friends with you and visit one of these beautiful green places.

I Love Chile | by Kim Walbröl

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