Anato´s tourism fair pulling up economy

On March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, The Colombian Association of Tourism and Travel Agencies, ANATO, along with ProColombia, held a fair regarding various subjects pertaining to travelling. The exhibition brought numerous business prospects regarding said industry, as well as the national economy. Various Colombian regions were invited to be part of the event but the main attraction was Risaralda. The stand showed the variety that one might find in that locality pertaining to their wildlife,agriculture, and economical growth. Argentina, on the other hand, was the guest of honor when it came to the international aspect of the event. Other countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Bolivia were also part of the convention along with 40 other counties who also made a long lasting mark.

This year, ANATO focused on showing the different perspectives that can be found when dealing with tourism around the world. The association also tried, and succeeded, constructing new business contracts during the event. According to different sources, it was estimated that around $150 million dollars on business transactions and about $120.000 million dollars in commercial relations were handled during the conference. Thanks to this, experts estimate that business tied with local tourism would skyrocket and bring around 100 million dollars during 2017. Julián Guerrero, ProColombia's Vice President of Tourism, stated, "[it is estimated that] the wave of foreign visitors that [came to] Colombia in 2016, more than 5 million tourist, would continue". Guerrero voiced that the company he represents believes that the transactions made during the macro business conference will provide around 470.000 tourists to the South American country in the next few months.

Elizabeth Pinto Zambrano

Copy-editado: Susana Cicchetto


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