What most people missed about Brussels attacks

Recent attacks in the center of the European community can lead to more anti-refugee measurements and be used as recruitment tools by the Islamic State.

Tuesday's explosions in Brussels are a direct attack to the EU. Belgium's capital is the center of the European community. It hosts the European Commission, Council of the European Union and European Council as well as the European Parliament.

Since the Paris attacks in November Brussels has become crucial in the anti-terror war. Raids to find Islamic State militants have been taking place ever since and just days before the explosions, Salah Abdeslam, the main fugitive in the Paris attacks was captured.

More so, hundred of Belgium's citizens have flown to Iraq to help the jihadi cause. Also the south-western suburb of Molenbeek, where Abdeslam was found, is home for one of the most active Islamist cells in Europe.

Immediate reactions in major cities like New York, Paris and London were taken. Security around transportation systems was increased. Britain's Prime minister David Cameron called for a meeting of ministers and Manuel Valls, French Prime minister said "We are at war".

Nonetheless the importance of these attacks remains in their impact in political measures against migrants. The threat to European capitals along with the refugee crisis have been used by right-wing parties all over the continent to reassure their cause and become more restrictive.

For example, the deal made last Friday between the European Union  and Turkey intends to cease illegal migration to Europe in return for financial and political aids for the Turkish government. Although German Chancellor Merkel stated "there are big legal challenges" to overcome, Amnesty International described it as a "historic blow to human rights".

These conditions can lead to an increase in Islamic State's recruitment. Having an excluding European Society and the promise of a "Muslim promised land" in their auto proclaimed caliphate can become attractive for those Europe rejects and continue to defame. Certainly this has been one of their most effective ways to recruit westerners.

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