The 4 most beautiful parks in Bogotá

Long considered the Athens of Latin America (thanks to its many educational institutions), as well as a massive urban hub with enormous buildings. But Colombia‘s capital is also a surprisingly good place to enjoy nature, with myriad opportunities to relax with family and friends, spend some romantic time with your other half or simply take some tranquil time to relax. Here are four of the best parks in Bogota.

Parque Simón Bolivar (Simón Bolivar Park)
Considered the “lungs of the city,” Simón Bolivar Park is a popular destination for bogotanos, due to its strategic location, multiple verdant zones and varied scenery. Without a doubt, this beautiful park has a space for every taste. It also hoses a number of big events, including music concerts and the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro, a theater festival.

Among the attractions:
• Three children’s play areas
• A lake and boat launch, where visitors can see sports competitions
• Event space
• Nature cycling paths
• Green areas, which can be used for strolling and group events
• Four kilometers of external cycling lanes
• Nearly four kilometers of jogging paths
• A monument to Simón Bolivar, the Latin American liberator
• Scenic viewing terrace
• “Ruta de la vida” (Route of Life) for exercising
• Food

Parque Nacional Enrique Olaya Herrera (Enrique Olaya Herrera National Park)
Opened in 1934 by then-president Enrique Olaya Herrera, this park is perfect for picnics, dog walks and a number of peaceful activities. Whether your thing is aerobics, photography, sports or just a popsicle, this park has lots to offer. Eucalyptus and Cypress trees grace the grounds and there are also areas for tennis, volleyball, basketball and hockey.

This park is also considered an open-air museum, thanks to the quantity of statues and other artwork.

Parque de los Novios (Couples’ Park)
Since its founding in 1975, Parque de los Novios has grown in popularity and now attracts some 45,000 visitors every month to its 23-hectare space. Nature lovers come here to run, read and spend quality time with their pets. One of its main attractions is the lake, which has ducks and fish and offers the opportunity to head out in inflatable boats, kayaks and aquatic bicycles.

The park is appropriately named for one of its traditions: couples come here to symbolically seal their love, by placing a lock on a monument.

Jardín Botánico de Bogotá (Bogotá Botanical Garden)
A perfect place to combine relaxation with education, Bogota’s botanical garden provides an introduction to some of Colombia’s ecosystems, with a variety of flora.

You’ll find several climatized greenhouses in this park, with plants from various regions around the nations — from La Guajaira to the Andes to the Amazon. Among its most interesting attractions is a collection of some 5,000 Colombian orchids and an extensive variety of roses. Some claim that the park has more examples of tropical flora than any other botanical garden in the world.

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