9 ways to check your ego when it’s out of control

Here are 9 easy ways to check your ego. Next time you find yourself caught up in the rat race of “winners and losers” try one of them out!

The ego isn’t a “bad” thing, and it isn’t something you should try to get rid of. In fact, your ego does serve a very powerful purpose. It allows you to perceive the world from a unique, differentiated perspective. Without the ego, it would probably be pretty hard to root down into this physical world, and have this experience as a separate, human consciousness.

With that being said, sometimes the ego does a lot more of the driving in life than is useful. An ego-driven person frequently pushes down the higher, loving aspect of him or herself and allows the ego to take primary control.

Here are 9 easy ways to check your ego:

1. Focus on the team’s goal, not individual bragging rights: Whether leader or follower, engage with and listen to people who are more talented (in certain areas) than you are. All of you are needed to invent something new, find real-world applications to lofty ideas, or react to changing conditions.

2. Realize your size in proportion to the universe: When it comes down to it, you are a tiny speck on a tiny speck, floating in a vast sea of nothing more giant and unfathomable then you could ever get your head around. The very notion that what you do on a daily basis affects things at the scales that really seem to matter in the universe is wishful thinking gone crazy. The liberation and true freedom of insignificance is yours to grasp at any time. When the ego gets up and starts jumping up and down about its importance, just keep this fact in mind to bring it all back to perspective.

3. Remember, we’re not all perfect: The ego is quick to point out other people’s mistakes and missteps. When you find yourself judging the actions of others, understand that is the ego at play. Step back into the loving aspect of yourself by remembering that you make mistakes too, and you appreciate it when people love you in spite of them.

4. Acknowledge that anyone can contribute to the conversation, analysis, and ultimately, execution: Anyone can reinvent the game or disrupt the industry, whether he is knowledgeable or oblivious to how things have always been done or whether she has witnessed change over a few months or many years.

5. Appreciate those who seem less astute than you: If these folks are your target audience, you’ll do well to understand what they think, predict how they’ll react to offers, gauge their spending habits, etc. even if they are less fashion-oriented and technologically-savvy than you. That is, those who are not innovators and early adopters buy stuff too.

6. Realize that you are where you are only through the help of others: The network of other people you build up around you in friends, co-workers, family and neighbors is one of the most fundamental assets in life. Think that you have accomplished so much in your life? Sure, a lot was done by you, but there is no way anyone could get anything done without the help, co-operation and support of people around them. All of life is a team exercise.

7. Realize the inherent impermanence in all things: So many events in our life that the Ego blows up into monumental proportions seem trivial the next day, and are forgotten next week. Nothing lasts forever, and nothing remains in the same state as it is now for even a second. Strive for your goals, and enjoy the journey. But realize that everything is just a castle in the sand, to be washed out to sea by the waves of time.

8. Learn something new: Master a new skill, gain a new piece of knowledge, or do a combination of both. At some point in the learning process, you will feel doubt and frustration. Ask for help, or discover that someone knows more about a subject than you do. Respect for those in another field and patience for those still learning in your area of expertise will grow.

9. Help someone less fortunate than yourself: Helping those less fortunate than yourself reminds you that you really don’t like for people to lose in life. The loving aspect of yourself wants everyone to win. When one of us loses, we all lose!

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