Empaths freeze around inauthentic people

One of the biggest causes of unhappiness on this planet is people not knowing themselves and when we hide a side of us from others without knowing the reason, it will cause us pain. 

Being an empath in a largely desensitized world comes with a lot of challenges, one of them being dealing with disingenuous people. When an empath meets someone who they perceive as fake, they tend to either stay totally silent or stumble over their words. Empaths can see right through a fake persona, and this sends them into a state of alarm. They start to experience physical and mental symptoms that wouldn’t make sense to those who don’t identify as an empath – sweaty hands, fast heartrate, feelings of dread, and exhaustion, among others.

Empaths feel the pain that people sweep under the rug and try to hide behind a fake persona. Empaths know that these “fake” people don’t necessarily mean any harm, but they just have a lot of healing left to do here on Earth.

These common situations you will encounter as an empath can easily leave you feeling drained:

  • Someone who acts like a pushover in order to get accepted by everyone they meet.
  • A person who conceals their hatred or anger but comes across as nice and friendly.
  • Someone who had a bad upbringing and feels vulnerable and insecure, yet tries to act unshaken and tough.
  • A person who tries too hard to act a certain way, which goes against their natural personality.
  • Someone dishing out fake compliments in order to feel accepted.
  • A person who embellishes in order to get people to like them. 

And, the empath will usually react like this:

  • Avoiding them, not necessarily because they did something wrong, but just because you don’t get good vibes around them
  • You can’t form logical sentences, and speech becomes difficult. You will also forget important details of your life if they ask about them
  • Getting an overwhelming feeling of dread and discomfort that only dissipates when you are no longer in their company
  • Literally feeling sick after spending extended periods of time with them
  • Feelings of confusion and guilt for not being able to spend time with this person, especially if you actually like them
  • Wanting to run as far away from them as possible

Now just because an Empath feels fakeness and untruths in another does not mean they do not fake themselves. For some, when they feel bad around a faker it may mean they are picking up a trait they do not like about themselves and they too hide it from the world.

We all have to put a face on and act fake at some point in our lives, but for some it’s everyday. We may have to be upbeat and happy when we feel sad or depressed, we may have to act annoyed when we are actually indifferent or we may have to pretend to love a job we actually detest. In some cases faking it can get us through difficult situations, but living it daily is not healthy.

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