5 ways to discover your purpose in life

There is an inner wakefulness that directs the dream, and that will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are.

Every single human being on this planet has a path and purpose to fulfill, whether they realize it or not. Whether it is fulfilled within your career, volunteer work, parenting, creating social change, or something else entirely, you too have a brilliant purpose and it’s about time you found it.

Here are six surefire ways to find your passion and live your purpose starting today:

1. Look at your past: many times the very struggles we’ve managed to move through in our lives become part of the tapestry that is our purpose. By looking at your past and the circumstances you’ve successfully moved through, you have a perspective that many people in the world do not. You can then use that experience to help others who are just starting out on a similar journey and make a huge impact in world. What part of your life story do you feel passionate about? That’s usually a clue as to what your bigger purpose might be.

2. Lucid dreaming: Cultures for thousands of years have used lucid dreaming to facilitate transformation, personal understanding, and communicating with Spirit beings through the rich landscapes of our nocturnal visions. Every dream is an opportunity to relate deeper with our unconscious minds, that which lies underneath our conscious identities and personalities. Your stories, desires, potentials and Soul gifts manifest themselves in your dreams. We must learn to look for the door in our dreams that will let us into the mysteries of our Soul.

3. Be a chatterbox: rather than burying yourself in your smartphone every time you’re alone, take advantage of such moments to talk to people—the ones on the train with you when you commute to your boring job every morning, the ones who live next door, the ones who work at the coffee shops you frequent, the ones at the dog park or playground or schoolyard you visit daily. Ask them what they do for a living, and if they love it, why? When approached with humility, almost everyone is willing to share. Many appreciate the opportunity to talk. You may discover a line of work that you never even knew existed.

4. Do what makes you happy...all of it. Finding your passion is directly related to doing the things that light you up and set your soul on fire. If it makes you happy to sing, write, and build things then go do it! If you love to teach, run, and host live events then please, do it all! Who says your life purpose has to be just one thing? Human beings by nature have multiple interests and to feel like you have to choose one thing goes against the very freedom you likely desire. You are meant to experience life and all that it has to offer, so don’t limit yourself to just one thing. Try lots of things and do what makes you happy. Therein lies the path to your true purpose.

5. Nature absorption: there’s no greater way to connect back with the wild Soul than by returning to our most ancient roots. Being immersed in nature and being completely present to the expansion of life and space which is around us, dilutes our egos into the vast ocean that is existence. In the company of nature, you have no name or story that reminds you of your created identity.

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