5 signs that you’re an absolute sapiosexual

A sapiosexual is someone who is attracted to a person’s intellect way more than their body.

Is there anything more complex and multifaceted than human attraction? A sapiosexual is someone who is attracted to a person’s intellect way more than their body.

They get turned on by wit, intelligence, and a quick mind, and they’d rather listen to you flex your verbal dexterity than watch you flex your quads at the gym.

Here are 5 signs that you’re an absolute sapiosexual:

1. Your idea of a great date is roaming the aisles of a local bookstore and casually making (non-pretentious) recommendations to each other. A person that reads; novels, newspapers, non-fiction, whatever his (her) poison; is a person that will never run out of things to say.

2. Conversations on dates, especially first dates, can be the highest form of tedium known to modern man. Sapiosexuals need not only good conversation but truly witty banter. Banter meaning you are trading comments like boxers trade jabs. Banter isn’t just talking, it’s thinking on your feet in vocal form. The key here is not just that you can communicate, but that you can do it creatively. If sarcasm is the language in which you choose to communicate in, chances are, that you are a sapiosexual.

3. Tastes versus trends: Sapiosexuals aren’t largely concerned with the latest fad or trend, but they do like people who have great taste in life. If you’ve ever walked away from a relationship because of their poor tastes, you’re probably a sapiosexual.

4. The last thing most people who qualify as sapiosexuals are interested in is whatever is trendy. Sure, you might find a sapiosexual at a night club, but I can almost guarantee they don’t want to be there. Sapiosexuals don’t always run with the “pack” like others do. Again, it boils down to how you spend your time that matters the most. Sapiosexuals tend to care about what the people they date are into, because it is a sign of who they are as a person. If you’ve ever ranked a date based solely on the choice of location, chances are, that you are a sapiosexual.

5. When you can successfully navigate the different meanings and usages of words like ‘their,’ ‘they’re,’ and ‘there,’ the sapiosexual finds it super sexy. They don’t have time for conventional errors or the people who make them.

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