11 reasons why it’s better to be 30 than 20

Here are 11 powerful arguments to prove that getting older is amazingly awesome.

Your thirties are awesome; un-questionably the best decade of your life. And while some would claim that your twenties are better, with the naivety of youth and freedom of spirit on your side, I’d argue that you haven’t lived until you’ve hit the big 30.

Girls, here are 11 powerful arguments to prove that getting older is amazingly awesome.

1. You have more direction: While options are an amazing thing, sometimes your twenties are so full of them it’s hard to know which way to go. Fortunately in your thirties you are more likely to have found your path, and love the one you’re on.

2. All those things you used to hate about how you look? You no longer give a shit: To be clear, this has nothing to do with "letting yourself go" and everything to do with having enough confidence to embrace the reality that you don't fit into some excessively Photoshopped mold of what a human woman "should" look like, and that striving to resemble a figure in a wax museum is an onerous, impossible, and pointless mission.

3. You're waaayyy less afraid of giving birth than you were 10 years ago: If giving birth is on your list of things to do, now that it might be imminent, you view it more as a day of pain versus the scariest thing in the entire world that you will never be able to tolerate.

4. You don’t waste time with people you don’t like: Life in your thirties is less about being popular and more about having close friends who you genuinely like. Goodbye fake smiles and behind-your-back bitching, hello genuine connections and life-long friendships.

5. You can have just one glass of wine and stop.

6. You don't have to worry about how you're going to afford to go to Coachella: Because as soon as you hear that word, you can feel the atrocious sensation of a film of dust and oily sweat cover your entire body and clog all your face pores, and know Coachella is the last thing you want to do.

7. You care less about boys: You don’t like my short hair? Think that I’m too gobby? Cool I don`t care.

8. Sex is better: Am I thin enough? Will he notice my cellulite? I’m sure I’m not doing this right? Yikes, he’s turning the lights on! Are things you are far less likely to say in your thirties.

9. You have a better wardrobe because you finally have a sense of personal style: You are so done wearing miniskirts that ride up, planning to one day fit into something you bought that never fit to begin with, and buying things that seem trendy but actually look bad on 99 percent of people. You don't want to look like a walking style blogger. You want to look like a person who wears clothes, not someone who clothes wear.

10. Petty drama does not appeal to you

11. You have absolutely no desire to be 21 again: It seemed so fun and sexy and free (and literally, wrinkle-free) at the time. But then you remember how you often felt like you should be different than how you are now, and you realize you fucking love 30.

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