What happened in the G20 meeting?

September 4-5 the 11th G20 Summit was held in China. 

Time Magazine has listed some things we might have missed at China's G20 Summit:

1. China and the U.S gave a green light to the green plan.

The world's largest greenhouse gas emitters announced they will ratify the Paris climate agreement on September 3rd, just before the summit began. The two economies will come together to battle climate change.

2. There's no Syria deal in sight between Russia and the U.S

Presidents Obama and Putin met on September 5th on the sidelines of the summit but as it happened in the weekend no agreements were achieved regasding the Syrian crisis. CNN reported they also disscused Russian cyber instrusions and Ukraine.

3. World leaders worry about populist fueled discontent

With the Leave vote win in the Brexit and Donald Trump's popularity world leaders were unanimous in the acknowledgement o rising income inequality and a growing backlash to globalization. Christine Lagarde, at the conclusion of the summit said, “Growth has been too low for too long for too few….there was also a determination around the room to better identify the benefits of trade in order to respond to the populist backlash against globalization.”

4. There will be no quick trade deals for the UK

President Obama told UK Prime Minister Theresa May that a deal between both governments wouldn't be a priority, sayin that "the world benefited enormously from the United Kingdom’s participation in the E.U.”

5. Kim Jong Un captured the attention

North Korea launched three ballistic missiles on September 5th, in a attempt to catch world leader's attention. The missiles flew from around 600 miles before landing in the Sea of Japan.

6. The Philippines president crossed the line

Obama cancelled his visit to the Philippines after Rodrigo Duterte appeared to call him "son of a whore." Today the Filipino president issued a statement saying he regretted his curse.

Meanwhile UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon  stressed the importance of funding for 2030 Goals and climate action urging the G20 countries to fulfill their commitments. “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a universal, integrated and transformative plan of action for peace and prosperity for all on a healthy planet,” he said.

He also applauded the leaders of France, Germany, Japan, Mexico and the Republic of Korea for initiating inter-ministerial coordination mechanisms on implementation of the global goals, calling upon all G20 leaders to follow “these good examples,” reported the UN Media Centre. 


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