The right-wing News Network expansion

Breitbart News Network seeks to monetize the anger and anti-immigrant sentiment around the world unleashed by Trump’s election. 

The right-wing news network is expanding its US operations and will launch sites in Germany and France in an attempt to monetize the anger and anti-immigrant sentiment unleashed by Donald Trump’s campaign, reported Reuters.

Breitbart News was founded in 2007 by conservative commentator and entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart. After his death in 2012 Steve Bannon took over the news network until August when he became Trump’s campaign chairman and now has been appointed as chief White House strategist for President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Under Bannon Breitbart shifted further to the right and is known for its incendiary titles like “Does feminism make women ugly?” or this week’s “Republican-led congress oversees large scale importation of Somali migrants.”

It is “a leading voice of the so-called Alt-Right movement ­– a loose-knit movement of white nationalists, anti-Semites and immigration foes – it regularly attacks Republican Party elites, publishes anti-immigrant themed stories and promotes political conspiracy theories,” reported Reuters.

Today Breitbart has operations in the US with sites for Texas and California as well as a Jerusalem site and a London one. According to the US Editor-in-chief Alex Marlow they are planning to hire more journalists in the US to increase its multimedia production.

“There’s going to be more hiring that goes on – I’m already picturing more tech reporting, more media reporting," Marlow said in an exclusive interview with Reuters. "We do a ton of politics reporting now so I don’t know that we’ll need to do more but we certainly aren’t planning on scaling back with anything."

Also they’ll be expanding their operations in Europe with plans to open a French and German site during 2017. Elections are planned in both countries next year and after Trump’s and Brexit wins they hope to set new records in their traffic.

In France, Breitbart operations would benefit Marine Le Pen’s Front National. They’re preparing for presidential elections and with Francois Hollande unpopularity they seek to promote the anti-immigrant rhetoric and further become a lead contender.

But the country is no stranger for far-right online press. In an interview with The Verge the founder of Égalité et Réconciliation, Alain Soral said regarding Breitbart’s arrival. “I think they’re placing themselves more in direct competition with mainstream media. Whereas we remain with the people who no longer want to believe the media, and who no longer want to hear it.”

In Germany, Breibart is likely to fly the flag for Frauke Petry, the leader of Alternative for Germany the far-right wing party who won unexpected support in last year’s general elections and pose a threat to Angela Merkel’s fourth term intentions

Finally, the fact that this type of news network is gaining popularity is concerning because people are still following them despite their public will to monetize on intolerant views and propel anger and anti-immigrant sentiments.


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