Europe: Between the rejection and acceptance of immigrants

The city of Chemnitz, Germany, has become the focus of European nationalism, but also of the rejection of xenophobia in the old continent

Europe: Between the rejection and acceptance of immigrants

After the murder of a German citizen, at the hands of a supposed Iraqi immigrant in the town of Chemnitz, Saxony, people belonging to groups of the German extreme right did not hesitate to call for social protest. The objective was to publicize their disagreement about the immigration policy that the German government has been carrying out in recent years.

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This is due to the war situation in the Middle East, especially because of the war in Syria and the escalation of violence perpetrated by the Islamic State in a large part of the Levante area.

With banners alluding to the nationalist movement of Hitler, from ordinary people to political parties, such as the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD), met in the main square of Chemnitz with a single purpose: Reject the multiculturalization forced by Germany. According to them, thanks to the wave of immigrants from Syria and Iraq, says La Vanguardia.

For its part, and in agreement with the DW of Germany, in rejection of these acts of fanaticism and nationalist fundamentalism, a concert took place, not far from where the right-wing groups were grouped. Where the maxim was the rejection of xenophobia and racism. This civic act received massive assistance and claimed the act of humanity that Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, has had with people seeking asylum in the European nation, as reported by the media.

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However, the signs of racism are not evident in Germany exclusively. Countries like Hungary, headed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, have expressed that the European duty is to defend the borders and to protect the original population of the continent.

To this is added the speech of the Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, to the German half Deutsche Welle that: "Angela Merkel was wrong to leave the borders open and did not think about the cultural clashes that the migrants would bring."

Certainly, not all the population thinks this way, given that, in countries like France and Sweden, a good quality of life has been granted to Arab migrants, mostly. However, in these countries, there have been cases of collective hysteria between right-wing nationalists and European citizens.

It can not be ignored that anti-Judaism has been increasing since the Muslim population has been increasing in the old continent, reaching to the point of forcing Jews and Israelis to take their bags to Tel Aviv-Yafo or Jerusalem.

Europe has been able to respond in a good way to the international request, as far as the refugees are concerned, but the way it has done it is not to the liking of many. So, cases like Chemnitz, make the population rise to be heard.

LatinAmerican Post | David García Pedraza

Translated from: 'Europa: Entre el rechazo y la aceptación de los inmigrantes'

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