6 ways generous people see the world differently

Here are six ways generous people tend to think differently and how you can become more generous-minded as well.

As you are walking down the street, your perspective is going to be very different than the person coming from the other direction. Both of you may be in the same general vicinity, but each of you may be viewing the world from a completely different angle.

When it comes to generous people and non-generous people, the world looks very different to each, even if both are coming from similar backgrounds and circumstances.

Truly generous people are a much-needed, special breed of individuals that the world desperately needs more of. Beyond their basic willingness to lend a hand and their ability to give to others seemingly effortlessly, here are six ways generous people tend to think differently and how you can become more generous-minded as well.

1. They have an opportunistic mentality: Every circumstance and situation is viewed as an opportunity to help others in the minds of truly generous people. Furthermore, they look for each and every opportunity to be generous and believe it is just another step in order to make the world a better place.

2. They dream big: Our money is only as valuable as what we spend it on. Our time is only as important as what we do with it. Generous people accept this and know that they could be doing much, much more to make the world a better place with all of their resources through their generosity.

3. They recognize the resource pie is not finite: The mindset of competition, that my resources only grow when someone else’s shrinks, is based on a faulty premise. It assumes there is a finite sized pie and if someone else enjoys success, my opportunity shrinks. But quite frankly, this thinking is incorrect. The pie of resources is not finite. It continues to grow as society benefits from others’ success.

4. They know their current generosity catapults future generosity: The generous are never content with their current level of generosity and view it as a gateway to giving even more in the future. They accept what they can currently give, knowing there will be more opportunities in the future.

5. They believe changing even one life is worthwhile: Generous people are quick to admit the world’s problems will never be solved by one person and perhaps, never completely solved even in the future. But perfection does not slow them. To them, changing even one life within their sphere of influence is reward enough. And is a worthy endeavor to be sought.

6. They trust others: Generosity always requires trust. To invest individual resources into another person, we must believe, on some level, that they will use them wisely. Generous people are optimistic. And optimistic people are happy people because they choose to live in a world where belief in others is liberally employed.

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