Which fighters have followed the same sportive path as their parents?

Several Latin American athletes continue with the boxing legacy

Which fighters have followed the same sportive path as their parents?

In boxing, several fighters have been known for their courage and tenacity worldwide. Latin America has shown the world great exponents of this discipline, who stood out and left their mark in various elite and prestige battles.

These boxers were an example for their descendants, who were inspired by them to follow the same path of their parents. In this sense, several of them decided to put on gloves and practice this sport.

Find out in the following list the five fighters who continue with the legacy of their parents.

  1. Following Julio César’s footsteps: The well-known and popular Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez inspired his two sons Julio César Jr. and Omar to continue with his legacy in the ring.
    Julio César Junior was world champion of middleweight of the World Boxing Council, and in total he has played 55 fights. The boxer has won 50 fights, has achieved 32 wins by knockout, and has lost three times.
    For his part, Omar Chávez fights in the middleweight division. Omar has played 40 fights and has achieved 36 wins. On December 16, 2006, the boxer had his debut in the ring, and in that occasion, he beat Jesus Garcia by knockout in the first round.
  2. Inspired by the 'Macho': Hector 'El Macho' Camacho was a renowned Puerto Rican boxer of great technique. 'El Macho' gained popularity because of his speed and the triumphs he achieved. For this reason, his son Hector, nicknamed 'El Machito', decided to follow in his father's footsteps. Hector Sr. was murdered in 2012 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
    From a very young age, Héctor Camacho Junior had a great passion and love for boxing. In fact, the athlete always accompanied his father to each of the contests he played. 'El Machito' started with amateur boxing and later became professional, beating high-level fighters like Rocky Martinez and Philip Holiday.
  3. The legacy of Wilfredo: The Puerto Rican boxer, Wilfredo Vásquez excelled in this discipline for the titles obtained. For this reason, the boxer served as a source of inspiration for his son also called Wilfredo. Wilfredo Vásquez Junior is 33 years old, has achieved a total of 24 victories in 32 boxing matches, and has lost seven times. One of the strongest fights he faced was against the Hungarian Zsolt Bedaka, whom he won in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  4. From Yucatan to the world: The Mexican Guty Espadas, a native of Yucatan, was world champion of the 112 pounds (50.8 kilograms) of the World Boxing Association. This title gave him several recognitions that inspired his son, also called Guty, to follow that same path. Guty Junior Espadas was World Boxing Council Champion at 126 pounds (57 kilograms), after beating Luisito Espinoza in a very demanding fight. At 43, Guty Junior is retired from this discipline, in which he played 53 fights and won 45.
  5. The Morales dynasty: José Morales was a prominent boxing coach and his sons Erick, Diego and Iván decided to be boxers. All three were inspired by the knowledge transmitted by their father. Erick 'El Terrible' is considered one of the best Mexican fighters of all time. Diego and Iván have also won several awards for their talent and their great virtues in the ring. The Morales family has transmitted several legacies from generation to generation, which have allowed them to achieve success. The children of each of these fighters observed the example of their parents and decided to face the same path for passion and love of this discipline.


Latin American Post | Daniel Cuevas
Translated from “ ¿Qué boxeadores han seguido el mismo camino deportivo de sus padres?”

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