Bringing back Bolivia to the next world cup: The challenge of César Farías

The Venezuelan will lead the Bolivian team in the classification of the next world cup, where the country had been absent since 1994

Bringing back Bolivia to the next world cup: The challenge of César Farías

As reported, Venezuelan César Farías will be linked to the national team of Bolivia for the next four and a half years, in a contract that the Bolivian Football Federation (FBF) will make official in the coming days, but that has already been confirmed by its president César Salinas. In a statement published by the newspaper La República Salinas supports, "fully to Farías and its process. In a couple of weeks or in a maximum month his designation will be made official to coaching the selection. He would take over the Bolivian team starting in January when he has already finished his commitments with The Strongest team. "

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Now, is Venezuela's Farias capable of guiding Bolivia to new days of glory? Furthermore, does he haves the capabilities and tools to change the face of the combined South American decimation and get its classification to Qatar 2022?, these are questions worthy of answering and that could well be analyzed from now on.

Positive background

Beyond his well-known and difficult personality, Farías is a technician who has been the winner in most of his teams. As reflected in the Diario Las Américas, among the most important are, Deportivo Táchira of Venezuela in the Copa Libertadores of 2005, the 'Vinotinto Selection' in the processes to South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014. In the international plane he had good performance clubs Xolos de Tjuana of Mexico, Cerro Porteño from Paraguay, and most recently The Strongest from Bolivia, with whom he knew how to be competitive.

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Clear convictions

For those who do not know the Venezuelan coach, is a man of a very frontal and transparent position, with the power to convince the players of his idea, in this regard Carlos Domingues deepens, narrator specialized in football in Venezuela with Unión Radio Deportes and the channel TLT, besides being a columnist in the El Estímulo portal. Domingues answered the LatinAmerican Post's call to begin by explaining that Farías is a human being winner by nature.

"César earned the respect of Bolivian football and fans thanks to the great work with The Strongest in the last time, proving that he is a man of projects that does not improvise. He is a conviction technician who has everything to transcend and therefore decides to take on this challenge, which, although it is risky for the level of the selected one, directing in Conmebol is something more than important, and for Venezuela it also has great significance."

Few tools

Beyond the positive background and clear convictions, for no one is it a secret that Conmebol is a complicated area given the presence of the three historical Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Therefore, it is essential that the orchestra director has the tools, which it seems that Bolivia did not have, as seen as their results in the last qualifying round where they were ranked ninth, only ahead of Venezuela.

"Bolivia is a team with stagnant years and that is no secret to anyone, even in La Paz they have not been as strong as before. That is why I believe that a reconstruction should begin not only in forms of play but also in names. Now that César Farías has the skills, the work team and the commitment, I do not doubt that, but from there they can classify Qatar 2022 is very complex and I see very far," added Domingues.

Strong competition

The complexity and the determination of the rivals that make up the South American zone were highlighted by the Venezuelan narrator. "For no one is it a secret that there are strong and determine like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru itself, which did not all have it in Russia 2018, besides Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador and Venezuela itself, will put it the much more difficult path to green."

The performance of the Venezuelan, born in Cumana, will be revealed only when the process of qualifying the Bolivian team begins. However, his goal is clear: to regain strength and notoriety for the selection of Bolivia.

LatinAmerican Post | Freddy González

Copy Edited by Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

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