Aerosmith: did Steven Tyler have a heart attack?

Concerts in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico were cancelled because lead singer, Steven Tyler, had to fly back to the United States for health reasons

Aerosmith: did Steven Tyler have a heart attack?

On September 26th, the rock band issued an official press release where they explained that due to unexpected health issues, Steven Tyler had to leave Brazil after the show in Sao Paulo. Shows in Curitiva (Brazil), Santiago (Chile), Rosario (Argentina), and Monterrey (Mexico) were scheduled for the last days of September and the first week of October. The band and Steven Tyler have expressed how they wish they did not have to let their fans down, but they could not continue with the tour in the conditions Tyler found himself. They have also explained that the illness is nothing too serious, that the singer was not in “life threatening conditions”, but that it did need medical care right away.

Through the band’s website, Tyler has offered an update on his health, saying that he did not have a heart attack, or a seizure, like people were speculating, but rather that had to “have a procedure that only [his] doc in the States could perform”.  No further details have been officially reported yet.

Other band members, like bassist Tom Hamilton, have also taken to social media to apologize to the fans and to promise a future show. “Just thinking about the fans  in Curitiba, Santiago, Rosario and Monterrey Canceling hurts! I can only look forward to coming back”, tweeted Hamilton. So far, no announcements on future shows have been made. Fans will be refunded for the tickets they had purchased to go see Aerosmith, but they hope Tyler will make a speedy recovery.


Latin American Post | Laura Rocha Rueda

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