This is why you shouldn’t sleep close to your smartphone

Waves emitted by mobile devices are dangerous for human body

This is why you shouldn’t sleep close to your smartphone

Several studies have shown the risks involved in excessive cell phone use. They go from physical problems such as vision loss, to cancer, and mental health complications. A publication by the California Department of Health (CDPH) revealed that the human body can suffer damages because of radiation emitted by mobile devices. The study highlights the danger of sleeping with the cell phone close to bed.


According to experts, cell phones transmit information using low frequency waves or radiofrequency. These signals generate an unhealthy radiation exposure to the human organism. The frequent and intense exposure to low frequency waves can trigger problems of attention, mental health issues, disorders in the reproductive system, and even cancer.


The publication indicates that the danger of low frequency radio signals increases when heavy files are downloaded or direct transmissions are made. Also, the study shows that when sleeping is when mobile devices should be avoided directly on the body, its natural and continuous emission may be equally risky.


Children and adults at greater risk


The guide of the CDPH emphasizes that children tend to be more vulnerable to the radiofrequency of mobile phones. The vulnerability is because these signals penetrate more easily the gray matter of minors. Therefore, there is an increasing in the chances of developing tumors in the ears and brain tumors that lead to the generation of attention deficit cognitive and mental health problems.


As explained by the National Cancer Institute on its website, children's nervous system is still developing. Therefore, children's system is much more vulnerable to these kinds of signals. Their heads are smaller than those of adults and, consequently, have a proportionally greater exposure to the radiofrequency radiation emitted by cell phones.


In adults, the risk increases when mobile devices are kept in their pockets all the time. The electromagnetic waves can increment tissue temperature, which due to the constancy and time of exposure could trigger problems in the reproductive system in the long term.


Given these evidences, the manual published by the CDPH suggests modifying mobile use practices to avoid development diseases such as cancer. The manual indicates that the use of smartphone devices should be controlled and managed properly, applying habits such as turning off smartphones during night or not leave them near bed and use headphones.


Measures suggested by CDPH for mobile users


• Keep phone away from body

• Keep phone away from bed at night

• Reduce use of the cell phone when the signal is weak

• Use headphones whenever possible

• Reduce use of cell phones to transmit audio or video, or download or upload large files

• Remove headphones when a call is not made

• Avoid products that claim to block radio frequency energy. These can increase exposure.


LatinAmerican Post | Krishna Jaramillo


Copy edited by Marcela Peñaloza

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