Latin American identity rejected: Mirage or reality

Latin America will only be recognized in the world as long as it is faithful to its own identity. Latin America has to create its own reality before asking for recognition.

Uwa community reached the city

The indigenous community also has something to say about the Peace-Deal process in Colombia.

Women empowerment in Paraguay

The path for girls has not been easy in Paraguay, but lately the government and they themselves have recognized a change needs to be made.

Tradition VS. Coca-Cola

In the country with more deaths from diabetes in Latin America, the indigenous and rural population is the most vulnerable to the invasion of soda drinks.

Uruguay’s potential climbing higher

Uruguay is positioned in fourth place at the regional level and 39 worldwide in the ranking of Systemic Conditions for Dynamic Business Ventures. What happens socially to let this keep growing? 

How are Brazilian families dealing with forced displacement?

Few families are able to overcome forced displacement caused by hydropower plant developments. 

The 16 Latin American Nobel prizes

With the news of the Colombian president getting the Peace Nobel prize let’s take a look at the 16 Nobel prizes that have been given to Latin America.

Colombia is not the only one

Even with the confusing situation Colombia is going through with the peace deal process, other Latin American leaders succeeded to the podium of the General Assembly of the UN, promoting a region where wars disappear and tensions focus on finding a political and economic model

Lima keeps ranking

For the fifth consecutive year, the Peruvian capital leads the ranking of tourism in the Latin American region. Let’s discover why! 

Emojis used to spread and recognize culture

Digital activists committed with the indigenous community culture are creating emojis and struggling to reach the biggest digital platforms with them.


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