The daily routine in Venezuela

How does the economic and politic crisis affect the citizens in their everyday life?

The forgotten Irish contribution

Many Irish names still unheard that helped the Latin-American independence to be possible.

Cocoa for coca: How Colombia hopes to heal a drug-infested countryside

Some interesting initiatives are motivating farmers to produce and export cocoa, growers are finding it could offer a lucrative alternative to illegal crops.

Indigenous communities and natural conservation: inseparable

Language is the chain between natural sustainability and indigenous community’s welfare. 

Latinos in London: finally recognized

One of the biggest and most contributive migrant communities had been invisible for the city until now.

More students less teachers in Cuba

Good news, 2017 is the year with more active students historically, not so good news, there is not enough people to teach. 

Art giving out chances in Guatemala

Young people with any kind of disability or special need is getting a hand by the Guatemala’s Palestra School through art.

Where to live in Latin America?

The most welcoming Latin American countries show us their best cities conditions.

Colombian Indigenous tribes talk to the nature

Indigenous communities are scared and hurt about the current state of the nature. They ask for forgiveness and help.

Latin American presence worldwide keeps growing

Even though Latin American countries do not have the most technological population and despite the conditions of the continent approach to technologies, they are in charge of the virtual world.

Indigenous tribes pushed to contact the outside world

Drug trafficking, prostitution and natural resources exploitation making Amazon Indigenous tribes reach the big cities while looking for help.

Climbers women made history in Bolivia

Twelve European and Latin American women climbed La Paz mountains chains with the purpose of getting a place for cultural interchange and an opportunity to claim women rights.

Iquitos: The last shelter for Jewish community in Peru

The Amazon basin was once the biggest shelter for a Jewish community in Peru, has seen it disappeared almost completely. 

Homeless getting a hand from volunteers during the Olympics

Celebrity chefs from all around the world made a change in Rio by cooking for homeless people with the food the Olympics thought of as a waste after the games.

Bin Laden in Sao Paulo: The appealing bar of Brazil during the Olympics

And because life is not only about competing, the Brazilian bar with one of the weirdest names opened up the gates for the curious. 

The Who wore it best? of technology: Young people VS. Adults

Currently a huge part of the world population can have access to new technologies, but is the young Latin American population actually taking the best of them?

Buenos Aires: LGTBI most friendly Latin American city

Latin American countries are swapping tolerance for respect in an even bigger proportion than some European countries.

Many go staggering, Panamá walking steady

Panamá, one of the safest countries of Latin America based on the Global Peace Ra...

Pokémon go and Latin America’s security rates are not compatible

People fanatic behavior for the latest worldwide digital game is pushing
them to look for safety ways to play in Latin America against insecurity.

Yago on the road

Young Yago visiting every single corner of Latin America by motorcycle. 

Students take chances in Medellin

Every year, Colombia becomes the center of the fashion design competition Latinoamérica Habla for Latin-American students aiming for a place in the fashion industry.

Birthday present to celebrate Fidel Castro in his 90’s

A digital library available for the public with all the information gathered throughout his life, was the gift made by the digital portal Cubadebate and the Informatic Sciences University (UCI).

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