Students take chances in Medellin

Every year, Colombia becomes the center of the fashion design competition Latinoamérica Habla for Latin-American students aiming for a place in the fashion industry. 

Rafaela Silva turned the City of God to gold

Moments after winning Brazil’s first gold medal of the Olympics, Rafaela Silva broke down, wiping away her tears with a bandaged hand, and told her celebrating nation that if it wasn’t for judo, “I could still be playing in City of God.”

New generations in South America already paying a high price

The common use or better said, misuse of headphones for listening to music is leaving a mess on its way.

Bolivian national park serving up sustainable ingredients for fine dining

Chefs among travellers proving there is demand for produce from Madidi – and helping communities understand commercial potential of their flora and fauna

Fit for office

Newly elected elected leader Pedro Pablo Kuczynski joins 11 ministers for workout following questions about his health

16 Latinos to watch for in rio 2016

No matter which country you root for, you can also root for these incredible athletes because even though they are all participating and competing for the gold, they are all promoting peace and understanding by bringing fans together across all nations.

Venezuelan women opt For sterilization amid economic crisis

While no recent national statistics on sterilizations are available, doctors and health workers say demand for the procedure is growing. Now all the slots are scooped up and some 500 women are on the waiting list

Cuban American millennials visit the island for 1st time

While visiting the island, each trip creates opportunities for participants to engage with Cuban professionals in similar industries. From restaurant owners, to graphic designers, the relationships are just beginning to flourish.

Argentina announces new gender violence plan

The Argentine President, Mauricio Macri, has announced a national plan to fight violence against women.

Bolivia tourist guide discovers dinosaur footprint nearly 4ft wide

Print, which is 80m years old and probably belonged to the meat-eating predator abelisaurus, represents one of the largest of its kind ever found


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