Silvia Vasquez-Lavado, first peruvian woman to climb Everest

The journey to the top of Everest began with a series of “visions” and meditative experiences that Vasquez-Lavado underwent as therapy in 2005, when she “visualized the mountain and a little girl walking.”

'Depressed' Argentina polar bear Arturo dies at 30

Arturo, a polar bear, came to the world's attention two years ago, when thousands of people signed a petition asking for him to be transferred to a colder climate in Canada.

Bye Buenos Aires Zoo, hello Eco-Park

The 142 years old zoo will be closed and an eco-park will replace it, announced City Mayor Horacio Rodriguez. 

Cuban Muslims celebrate Ramadan despite the obstacles

With no official mosque, Cuban followers of Islam do their best to observe the holy month and practise their religion.

Chile adds warning labels for unhealthy food ingredients

Chile joined Ecuador and Britain on becoming one of the few countries in the world providing consumers with warning labels about the excessive content of unhealthy ingredients in foods.

Lollapalooza lineup announced

Some of the mystery of the Lollapalooza lineup was revealed on Wednesday, with confirmation that Lana del Rey, Disclosure, Wiz Khalifa and The Chainsmokers will be headlining the festival.

Lionel Messi retires from Arentina's national team

Lionel Messi has retired from international duty after missing in a penalty shootout as Argentina lost a fourth major final in nine years.

How Donald Trump became America's Hugo Chávez

Despite ideological differences there are eerie similarities between the late socialist strongman and the Manhattan billionaire – and warnings to heed

Autonomy and life projects, reasons not have children

A recent study carried out by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNal) School of Gender Studies shows the transformations of the living history of childless women who perceive maternity as an option and not as a destiny.

Bolivia leader Morales wants to ditch Gregorian calendar

Bolivian President Evo Morales has proposed that the Andean country switch back from the Gregorian calendar to the calendar previously used by its indigenous people.

Lionel Messi breaks record

Lionel Messi became Argentina's leading scorer with a superb free-kick as they beat hosts the USA 4-0 to reach Sunday's Copa America final.

Mexican engineer extracts gas from urine to heat shower

Mexican engineer Gabriel Luna-Sandoval has invented a machine that he said can transform urine into a biogas to serve as a household heater to take hot showers or cook.

CBF President Fires Dunga

Dunga is no longer the Brazilian national team's coach. He was fired on Tuesday (14) during a meeting with the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation

Medellin inspires as model of urban transformation

The capital of the province of Antioquia, Medellin is looking to leverage the transformation it has experienced in recent years to consolidate itself as a venue for international events.

Peasants and ethnic strike ends

Colombia’s peasants and ethnic minorities ended almost two weeks of strikes, protests and roadblocks after the government vowed to include them in decision making on mining and other decisions affecting the countryside.

Adoption for domestic help in Paraguy might be at an end

Paraguay’s most recent census, in 2011, showed 46,993 boys and girls — 2.5 percent of the country’s juvenile population — to be “criados,” some of them as young as 5.

Fiat Argentina withdraws car handbook after complaints of misogyny

Women’s groups condemned references to ‘short skirts’, ‘nice legs’ and ‘wandering hands’ in the booklets handed out with new cars

The communities of Cochabamba taking control of their own water supply

Bolivia’s ‘city of eternal spring’ has a history of water struggles. Now some neighbourhoods that lack piped water are taking matters into their own hands

Brazil’s Copacabana protest violence against women

“We can’t tolerate abuse against women,” said Rio de Paz, the NGO that organized the protest.

Not all latin american rulers have been Latino

The Arab communities in the region have prospered, and have made major contributions in business, culture, and politics.

Salvadorans in California help youths out of gangs

In El Salvador, the powerful gangs exert tremendous pressure on young people on the streets to join their ranks and commit crimes.

Big changes in Mexico justice system

Mexico has invested some $3 billion in support of state governments transitioning to the new justice system

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