What Time Is It in Chile? There’s No Telling

Government tinkering with daylight-saving time dates puts clocks on cellphones and computers out of whack

Argentina and UK agree on cooperation in the South Atlantic

Argentina and UK agreed to disagree on the Falklands/Malvinas question, but the two countries agreed on the need to identify possible areas of cooperation in the South Atlantic, such as exploitation of natural resources, and connectivity

Argentines without Papers Living “Invisible” Lives

They have names and they are Argentine, but they live “invisible” lives in their native land. They were not registered at birth and that makes it difficult for them to get an identity document and get access to the most basic rights

Ecuador’s government censors app that mock president

Users can create thier own videos using President's voice with "MashiMachine" app

Chilean Students Demand Education “Transformation”

Some 80,000 students, took part in a march to demand a thorough overhaul of a Chilean educational system still marked by the legacy of the 1973-1990 Augusto Pinochet dictatorship.

Japanese earthquake architect gets to work in Ecuador

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban or the "earthquake architect", known for designing innovative temporary houses, visited Ecuador and is working on a proposal for areas affected by a recent powerful earthquake.

In Brazil Judge blocks access to WhatsApp

A judge in Brazil has blocked access to messaging service WhatsApp for 72 hours, the latest suspension to hit the hugely popular application.

From Latam to Africa: A lion's dream

A wildlife advocacy group prepares to send more than a dozen lions rescued from Peru and Colombia to a sanctuary in South Africa.

Eradicating corruption will take a “cultural shift”

The Transparency and Access to Information Network agreed during its meeting that although progress has been made in the battle against corruption, there is still a long way to go.

Bolivia's cholitas take on the Andes

11 Aymara indigenous women who worked for mountaineers decided to do their own climbing and have since tackled five peaks near La Paz

Extensive coral reef found hidden at the mouth of the Amazon River

Researchers have discovered a massive coral reef in the muddy waters of the Amazon River. But it may be in serious danger.

Brazilian wealthy may be leaving

The current corruption scandal and contracting economy is making wealthy Brazilians think about leaving for good.

A new step in Uruguay's recreational cannabis

Two firms are working legally to grow weed on behalf of the government to sell in pharmacies as the UN prepares to discuss failed ‘war on drugs’ this week

Malbec World Day

It's no news that Malbec wines are in vogue. What is news is the way Argentines are celebrating it. This week will mark the sixth edition of the Malbec World Day, a worldwide event held in over 70 cities

Peru's Nazca holes mistery solved

These puzzling holes in the arid valleys of southern Peru tell us there was once a flourishing, sophisticated society here.

Cuba needs new brewery

Beer production in Cuba is far from meeting the country’s growing demand in stores, inns and hotels, due to the large increase in tourism

Bolivian women mining for a living and for respect

Despite local superstition that female presence brings bad luck, women eke out a living inside dangerous Bolivian mines.

Half Latam's students don’t finish high school

The great educational challenge in Latin America is fighting a high-school dropout rate averaging roughly 50 percent

Argentina cuts ties with Telesur

Argentina's pro-business government is pulling the plug on its involvement in the Spanish-language TV network that was started by the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, saying the broadcaster blocks alternative viewpoints.

Uruguay Opens Latam’s First Sustainable School

Jaureguiberry, a city in the southern Uruguayan province of Canelones, has opened the first sustainable public school in Latin America after three and a half months of construction with recycled materials, officials said.

World’s tallest chocolate easter bunny in Argentina

Residents of Miramar, a coastal city in Argentina’s Buenos Aires province, have built the world’s tallest chocolate Easter Bunny, a creation that stands 5.2 meters (just over 17 feet) tall and weighs 3,000 kilos (3.3 tons).

Surfers will take on the Amazon

Surfing the Amazonian bore tides is dangerous not only because of their force, but because these rivers carry the blood of a breathing jungle. You’re the stranger in a land of jaguars, crocodiles, snakes, piranhas, parasites and tropical diseases.

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