Let's go with Exo

For people who cannot walk under their own power, exoskeletons offer what could be the next-best thing. Exoskeletons are essentially “wearable robots.” They permit their users to stand, move their legs and walk. 

Rise of the machines

OK, most of us know by now, or at least we should know, that lax use of technology coupled with the internet can leave our very personal information open to the world. Yet, with never-ending technological advances, even the most cautious among us may be exposed to hackers. You could put it all down to the rise of the algorithm; the 'brain code' for computers.

Supersonic travel: ready for take off again?

"It's a bird's a plane's Super-plane!" Like our fictitious superhero, Superman, we mere mortals may soon be able to fly at the speed of sound. That's because the US space agency NASA is currently funding research into cheaper and greener supersonic travel.

Tip-top technology changing our world for the better

High-tech materials, or materials produced with the most advanced and cutting-edge technology, have the potential to significantly alter a wide variety of industries, including the medical profession and the oil and gas industry. Because of the wide array of uses, many universities and governments are investing in the research of new materials.

Hacking down the hackers

In security, hackers are winning the battle being waged in cyber space. To combat these threats artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a larger role in cyber security.

Solar Impulse II's solar technology should be applied in cities

Swiss Andre Borschberg, one of the two pilots of the Solar Impulse II, a solar-powered plane that is making a trip around the world, said that the technology applied in the aircraft should be used in cities.

You can become a cyborg

Technology has been influencing human sensory perception since we prioritized visual communication over hearing, and information over everything.

Chinese supercomputer is the world's fastest

China now has more of the world's fastest supercomputers than the US and without using US chips

Beyond Asimov: how to plan for ethical robots

As robots become integrated into society more widely, we need to be sure they’ll behave well among us.

Google combines two main quantum computing ideas in one computer

The appeal of this approach lies in the combination of simplicity and generality; in principle, any problem can be encoded. In practice, applications are restricted by limited connectivity, available interactions and noise.


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