The wall that divides athletes

Twelve swimmers dived into the Pacific Ocean to raise awareness about the sensitive subject of immigration.

Bolivia: The elderly obtain a second chance

Bolivia is looking to offer free college classes for the elderly.

Honduras: Historic opportunity to decriminalize abortion

Preventing women from exercising their human rights by stopping them from being able to make decisions over their own bodies only puts their health and lives in danger

Chilean women work presence yet to come

The female participation rate in the Latin American work force reaches 54%, while Chile is in the last place of the chart, with a 43% female occupation.

La Paz is full of smiling Zebras

They are the zebras of La Paz, a symbol that has become a heritage of the Bolivian city that seeks to raise awareness among pedestrians and drivers about safety for a better city.

Residents of Latin America's oldest city fearful of gentrification

Business owners are delighted, but residents of Santo Domingo's walled city are watching nervously, fearful that they will be priced out by a surge of stylish new restaurants and boutiques.

Almost 30 years ago and still unresolved

Forced disappearance has been a strategy of bad governments and is a systematic plan that has been in charge of dividing and causing terror to the victims that even today stay unresolved.

Islam is spreading worldwide fastly!

In Latin America, however, Islam does not seem to have the same boom as elsewhere, why?

US, Canada & Mexico bid for 2026 World cup

The North American bid to host the 2026 World Cup has asked FIFA for a decision in June 2018, two years ahead of schedule.

Latin America’s LGTB community raises its voice

The III Meeting of LGBTI Political Leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean, more than 200 LGTBI leaders, spread their motto "Democracy for Equality".


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