The first generation in peace

Before the peace deal in Colombia, it could have been impossible to even think of guerillas women giving birth and the harsh drama finally ends.

Venezuela and the media

The National Assembly of Venezuela approved official censorship of independent media and national and international journalists out of alleged violence promotion. Who is the violence promoter?

Why Chileans dislike business leaders

Asked by Latinobarómetro, another pollster, if they had any confidence in private enterprise, just 32% said yes, the second-lowest rate among 18 countries

“Gustu” gving out chances to La Paz

Claus Meyer provides training to young people and women without jobs or prospects in Bolivia to soften the poverty situation of the country.

Cali expands the reintegration program

With the delivery of weapons by 40 teenagers, the beginning of the Integral Treatment of Gangs, TIP, was formalized, covering a total of 700 members of these groups in the city.

“Alto el fuego” for children in Colombia

The exploitation of children as soldiers is a widespread practice in countries under war: it is estimated that in Colombia there are still between 8,000 and 14,000 child soldiers.

Ecuador votes with freedom

For the first time the transgender population decided their desired gender to vote on Sunday.

Joined against violence

As insecurity has skyrocketed over the years it has become abundantly clear that there is no magic formula or policy to address it.

The hard and long trip to get out

Emigrating by land has become the escape route for many middle and lower class Venezuelans trying to escape the chaos in the country.

Plus-size, Left handed and gluten-free in Latin America

The next time you travel to Buenos Aires or Santiago, don’t be afraid to dust off your Spanish with the phrase “soy vegetariano.”

Colombia is helping you spread love this Valentine’s Day

That time of year has once again arrived when the scent of fresh-cut roses is flooding stores nationwide.

Mexican constitution celebrated between agitation

Several entities and intellectuals have recently spoken about the Constitution and its centenary, giving very different opinions. The debate is open, and several experts argue the need to renew the magnum letter.

Integration proposals came back

Colombian Defense Minister Camilo Ospina, presented an initiative of political and economic integration for Latin America in the current conjuncture imposed by the new president of the United States, Donald Trump. Is it likely to happen?

The daily Latin American heroine

Conditions are not often in favor for the average Latin American woman, but against any outrageous forecast, women struggle get into the Latin American context.

No alcohol, no violence: life inside the Bolivian community led by women

Gender-based violence remains prevalent in Bolivia, but Maria Auxiliadora, a women-led community in Cochabamba, is trying to change this

More measures less actions

On the outside it seems Latin American indigenous communities are being more recognized in the region. But when it comes to real rates, changes are not that visible.

Violence at work threatens Latin America

Around 13% of workers in Latin America suffer psychological violence at work related to threats or discrimination. Could this be a reason for low productivity rates in the region?

Mexico takes advantage of technology

Children and teenagers in the 21st century are highly consumed by technology and not exactly in positive way. Mexico will turn the table upside down in order to educate and help Mexican youth through mobile apps.

'Global gag rule' could have dire impact in Latin America, activists warn

Reinstatement of policy by Donald Trump could have ‘chilling impact’ in region that already has high rates of teenage pregnancy and maternal mortality

Brazil's economy woes hit its scientists

In just two years a state budget crisis has cut off all public funding for scientific work. Facing ‘doomsday’ scenario, scientists consider fleeing Brazil

Colombia exports talent and discipline

One of the most prestigious Athletic competences in the marathon distance will receive the Colombian Kelly Arias. Latin America will run Boston!

A prison committed with the future

The only requirement for entering this Latin American prison is to commit to work or study and the motivation goes beyond the salary they charge.

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