Venezuela dialogue to testart on Jan. 13, after review

After the opposition's declarations that they will not contiinue with the diologue, the Vatican’s special mediator between the government and the opposition  said that it will be “revived” on Jan. 13 after a review phase.

Venezuela's opposition said Tuesday it would skip a meeting with the government, endangering ongoing talks aimed at diffusing the country's political crisis.

Opposition spokesman Jesus Torrealba said that the coalition would not attend Tuesday's sit-down because the government has not made any concessions more than a month into the mediation effort.

After the opposition's declarations the Vatican’s special mediator in the political dialogue between the government and the opposition in Venezuela, Monsignor Claudio Maria Celli, said later that Tuesday that the dialogue will be “revived” on Jan. 13 after a review phase.

“We have asked the public powers not to approve – or to abstain from making – decisions that make the relationship between them or the dialogue process more difficult until January 13, 2017,” said Celli.

“That period, as we agreed, will be used to work immediately ... on the national dialogue’s issues,” the Vatican’s mediator told reporters at the Caracas hotel where the two sides held separate meetings with the mediators.

Celli said that within the framework of the dialogue process “there was a need to establish a mechanism for verification” of the agreements.

“We emphasize that, although there are clear positive results, there are still issues on the agenda that are still pending, as expressed by the representatives of the parties,” Celli said.

He added that for this reason a phase that allows “the reactivation, consolidation and sustainability of the national dialogue” has been considered, for which a “work proposal” has been submitted to the parties.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), Ernesto Samper, said that on Tuesday the “concerns” of both parties involved in the dialogue were collected.

He indicated that UNASUR and the Vatican, as the companions of the process, asked the political actors on each side that it would be very convenient to stop publishing or giving any statements about the dialogue because the statements create confusions on many occasions.

Samper said that “good news in relation to medicines and food supply” was achieved as well on Tuesday but the news is likely to be made public by next week.


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