Theoretical model could explain origin of universe magnetic fields

UNal Astronomical Observatory_ Astronomy Master_s H__ctor Javier Hort__a, whom also belongs to the Gravitationa...

UNal Astronomical Observatory_ Astronomy Master_s H__ctor Javier Hort__a, whom also belongs to the Gravitational and Cosmology Research Group, developed the research project and explained to Agencia de Noticias UN the dynamics of current studies on magnetic fields.

_We_ve been acquainted with this topic forever. We know that earth has a magnetic field which directs compasses and guides animals when they migrate; furthermore magnetic fields have also been observed in stars. Magnetic fields have been observed at every scale in the universe, such as planets, stars and galaxies, etc. This research focuses on its dynamics, it evolution and how much it impacts the structure itself. These studies speak about the magnetic field, but not its origin_, he said

Those who study magnetic fields have two theories which respect to when they emerged. Some say that they were created at the same time as structures, for example stars, galaxies and planets. Others call upon a theory called magnetogenesis, which says that these fields were created a little after the creation of the universe.

This research project is related more to magnetogenesis because, according to Hort__a, this allows for an explanation at a greater scale of the magnetic field.

_According to the first theory, the magnetic field produced in early stages (primordial) decreases as the universe expands, and when this reaches a structure formation stage, the field is too small to explain the observations of today. The expansion of the universe makes the field decline quickly in a homogenous universe_, says Hort__a.

The study shows a different vision, using cosmological perturbation.

_In this theory, the universe is not perfect as a sphere, but a series of __inhomogeneous__ bumps. Then we studied the evolution of the field in this type of geometry discovering that in these inhomogeneous areas, the magnetic field is amplified or maintained. The discovery is innovative and intriguing. We approach evolution from another geometrical point of view, we try to look at the magnetic field and compose it in all its complexity. Starting from the Perturbation theory we discovered that a natural path for primordial magnetic fields maintained and even amplified during the expansion of the universe_, he said.

Unsettled business

_The theoretical base emerges from this research and from there some equations: We discovered several terms where the magnetic field amplifies or remains the same. The next step is to find numerical results and quantify these results. For the phenomenon to be viable we need to corroborate the theoretical model with the observations_, says the researcher

International Publication

The editorial team of the scientific journal entitled Physical Review D published in its most recent version, the research project performed by Hort__a and headed by Professors Leonardo Casta__eda and Juan Manuel Tejeiro.

__The editorial says in the evaluator notes: _His results are innovative in generating knowledge and open new perspectives to research magnetic field amplification in the first stages of the universe_.

Besides the study of magnetic fields the Gravitational and Cosmology Research Group has carried out some contributions for gravity alternative theories applied to cosmology and also has some incursions into different modern cosmology topics, such as gravitational lens and galactic kinematics.

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