The Falklands and Gibraltar: founded similarities or unexpected coincidence?

The Falklands and Gibraltar

News of the Brexit increased the tension between the Spanish and the British governments over the illegal occupation of Gibraltar, Spanish territory. A similar case that reminds us of The Falklands, Argentina invaded by English troops since 1833 when they overthrew the official civil governor designated by Buenos Aires.

The argument of self-determination is common to the interests of Gibraltar and The Falklands. The policy established by the United Nations in the decolonization processes, traditionally supported by Argentina, is linked to countries with native and indigenous populations subdued by a foreign power. Coincidentally both Gibraltar’s and The Falklands’ governments have been established after military invasions although they are officially under the flag of a foreign power.

In conclusion, similarities are evident. Even though there are a couple of years in between of their inauguration dates, all evidence leads one to believe that Great Britain is the common invader of both territories while self-determination will remain on pause.

LatinAmerican Post | Manuela Pulido
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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