Media markets changing to survive into the Latin-American culture

Spanish is the main language in Latin America and digital contents offered to the public were not coherent with culture.

In recent years, Latin America has been transformed its digital market by leaps and bounds. There are many companies that put their eyes on this continent as digital marketing and mobile technology is concerned. You only need to take a walk through the web portals of reference in digital marketing for the huge presence of Latin American countries. These are usually related to increased consumption and the proliferation of hearings, mainly in areas such as mobile technology, social networks and advertising.

Harvard Business magazine, where information and research related to the business field are shown, published an article called "How is evolving Marketing in Latin America." In this report it was expected that in 2020 about one of the $ 10 of the world economy come from the Latin American market. Furthermore, they claimed that the region would come to own more than 640 million customers in the coming years to the study.

Currently, Latin America is the fourth largest mobile market in the world and in terms of social networks and overtook the US giant. With regard to marketing, two out of three North American companies spend part of its budget to purchase software for marketing automation. By contrast, Latin American companies just intended investment in software such as its objectives focus on content creation and SEO positioning for potential customers, the report says Harvard Business Review.

The considerable increase in consumption and digitization has made Latin American markets in a business opportunity in the field of digital innovation.

Nonetheless, the death of the Spanish language continues being underestimated. The horizon is clear, the growing digital markets will need a bigger effort to really get into the Latin American culture starting by the language.

The culture being reinforced digitally isn’t necessarily an authentic representation of the culture of origin, but rather a built version of culture. Viewing the home culture through a marketing filter makes it more accessible to second-, third-, and fourth-generation Hispanics who may not have a deep understanding of their home culture, but can recall certain key cultural cues.

As the Hispanic media and marketing economy continues to grow in revenue and influence, being able to transform the Digital management in Latin America will be an important key in order to connect with future generations.

The Latin American consumer population is huge. So, marketing needs to recognize Latin population, their culture and their need in order to go further.

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