While the US says no Canada welcomes Syrian refugees

So far 28,876 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada and more than 16,000 resettlement applications are in progress. 

The United States agreed to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees. So far 4,700 resettlement applications have been approved and 7,900 are awaiting security review, said US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson during an advisory panel on June.

But its northern neighbor is doing way better. Canada has received 28,876 Syrian refugees since November 2015 (data as to July 10, 2016). The majority are government assisted refugees (15,905) followed by privately sponsored refugees (10,265).

More so, 2,643 applications form Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey have been finalized but they have not yet travelled to Canada. Similarly, 16,806 applications from these three countries are still in progress.

Canada had committed to accepting 25,000 refugees by the end of February 2016, which it has already completed. It is currently working on achieving the acceptance and welcoming of 25,000 government sponsored refugees by the end of this year and processing all privately sponsored applications summited up to March 31, 2016, as well.

Similarly, immigration minister John McCallum said the country would accept 10,000 more Syrian refugees in March after complaints of people who want to sponsor families in need.

Also in response to Canadian reaction towards refugees the New York Times has documented various stories on how neighbors are encountering a foreign word in Canada: Welcome. The article has testimonies and photos of some of the families tat has been sponsored.

The process for refugees is made up of 5 stages, including the identification, processing of applications, transportation to Canada, welcoming and the settlement and community integration. Canadians can also

To complement this from July 5 to August 5 the government is allowing people to summit their views on the immigration system to decide what will be the future of the country's system. More so they've created the hashtag #WelcomeRefugees to promote their campaign.

People can also donate to organizations working within Canada and abroad, volunteer with local organizations once refugees have arrived to areas close by and begin the sponsoring process. All the information can be found on the Government of Canada webpage.

In addition to these, during the Canadian pride parade in Toronto, Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister march along with Syrian refugees too, as The Guardian reported in their 4th of July article. Syrian refugee, Bassel Mcleash was able to thank Mr. Trudeau in person for the country's refugee policy.

Syrians in Canada for now face huge challenges, like finding jobs, fulfilling the cultural gap and starting a new life in foreign territory. Still Canada is being one of the most welcoming and open countries for immigrants, which certainly, as The New York Times article states, is bringing a new panorama to the lives of some of the 5 million people who have been displaced because of the ongoing Syrian war. 


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