The Peruvian attack is scary even without Paolo Guerrero

In case Guerrero is not available, Raúl Ruidíaz, Jefferson Farfán, André Carrillo, and Luiz Da Silva would be good alternatives

The Peruvian attack is scary even without Paolo Guerrero

The Peruvian soccer team is still preparing in the best way for the World Cup, and has four strikers who go through a great moment. One of the great illusions of the Inca team is that Paolo Guerrero, who comes from a long period of inactivity, is ready for the orbital appointment. However, there are four Peruvian attackers that become good alternatives for Coach Ricardo Gareca who aims to surprise.

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Who are these four Peruvian strikers that have a great level and what are their main characteristics?

The peculiarities of these Peruvian players is that they attack the flanks very well, they are quite fast, and they know how to achieve. The presence of Peru in Russia has generated several motivations in different players, so they have shown an excellent competitive level.

1. A brilliant level in Mexico: Raúl Ruidíaz is going through a great moment in Mexico's Morelia, as he has scored goals and is a figure. Ruidíaz is a very fast player, who unbalances adversaries, defines in a great way, has earned recognition, and praise from the fans 'Monarca'.

In 2017, the player got the title of scorer in a league as demanding as the Aztec, and became the best player in this championship. In the same way, Ruidíaz was recognized as the best striker, and at 27, he dreams of being considered for the 2018 World Cup.

2. Rapidity and goals in Russia: Jefferson Farfán, who normally acts as a winger, has been playing as a center forward and scores goals frequently. Farfán is considered one of the most important players in the history of Inca football. The player is recognized for its power and efficiency.

The footballer has an excellent ability to play on the entire attack front, thanks to his constant overflows and his mid-distance shots. 'La Foquita' exposes his best conditions with the Lokomotiv of Moscow, club in which he has become one of its great figures. Additionally, Farfán knows the stadiums in which the World Cup will be played and is adapted to the climate.

3. Speed, assists, and definition: André Carrillo is another of the most complete players, since he is a player who assists and defines. Carrillo acts with the Watford of England, usually acts as a starter, and has surprised in the Premier League thanks to his constant speed.

The player is nicknamed as the 'Culebra' and represents the essence of the Inca footballer thanks to his speed and constant association with his teammates. At the age of 26, he dreams of shining at the World Championship in Russia, where he hopes to bring his country's team to the top.

4. Youth and desire to succeed: The attacker Luiz Humberto Da Silva better known as 'Beto' is another of the offensive elements of Peru. 'Beto' was formed as player in Brazil and he has acquired various techniques at collective and individual level that have allowed him to make a difference.

The footballer has a great skill with the ball, and in certain occasions, he has been compared with Neymar thanks to the conditions he demonstrates. In his short 21 years, he hopes to become one of the great soccer figures of the world and in Russia he wants to show his conditions.

Paolo Guerrero hopes to be part of the Inca team in the World Cup, and these players become alternatives that make Gareca think.


Latin American Post | Daniel Cuevas
Translated from “La delantera de Perú da miedo aún sin Paolo Guerrero”


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