What happened to Salvador Cabañas after the attack?

The Paraguayan striker was shot and that almost ended his life, but with his desire to live he scored a real goal to the difficulties

What happened to Salvador Cabañas after the attack?

On January 25, 2010, Paraguayan player Salvador Cabañas was going through the best moment of his career, but suffered an accident that changed his life. Cabañas was shot in the head while he was in a bar in Mexico City and he almost die. However, the player managed to survive and become an example of overcoming difficulties.

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LatinAmerican Post spoke with three sports journalists who followed the case and analyzed the miracle that Salvador Cabañas experienced. The three communicators interviewed were the Mexican, Miguel Ramos, the Colombian Marianella Ramos, and the Paraguayan, Hernán Osorio.

The first interviewed was Miguel Ramos, a Mexican social communicator, with 12 years of experience in sports journalism. The second journalist is Marianella Ramos Forero, who works on the Futbolred website, which is a website specialized in Colombian and world football news. Finally, Hernán Osorio is a Guarani journalist, who is part of Tigo Sports, as a chronicler and reporter of Paraguayan football matches.

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The tragedy of Cabañas

After being in the best moment of his sports career, Salvador Cabañas was shot in the head on January 25, 2010. The former Guarani attacker was in the "Bar Bar" disco in Mexico City and had an altercation with José Jorge Balderas Garza aka 'JJ'.

Everything originated because 'JJ' told Salvador to stop stealing in Mexico, and a strong argument was generated where Cabañas was seriously injured. The Paraguayan was operated and the prognoses were not favorable since the doctors said he was not going to walk again.

Surprisingly, on January 30 Cabañas woke up and talked to his wife, mocking death. In addition, the athlete received great crowd support in Mexico and Paraguay.

What happened to Cabañas after the accident?

On March 2, 2010, the Guaraní was discharged from hospital, and continued with his rehabilitation in another center in Mexico City. His physical appearance was fine, but in the cognitive part, he presented a series of difficulties. For this reason, the forward had a specific treatment of high duration.

Cabañas left soccer for a while, and later he was acting in teams 12 de Octubre, General Caballero, and Tanabi of Brazil. It was even said that Cabañas was selling bread, but he denied this situation, assuring that he never worked in a bakery to survive.

A miraculous recovery

Marianella Ramos indicated that Salvador Cabañas had a good recovery in general, but at times, he  was very thoughtful. On the other hand, Hernán Osorio assured that the recovery of Ramos was miraculous, since he feared the worst. Miguel Ramos, on the other hand, said that the América club paid for the entire process of rehabilitation of the Paraguayan, and it was an accident that he could have avoided.

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The current present of Cabañas

The former scorer did a course for soccer coach, and now, he is directing the lower divisions of Deportivo Capiatá. In addition, Cabañas gives lectures and motivational talks to young people in different parts of the world. The Paraguayan has been in Mexico and in Spain.

"I see Salvador as a technical director of the minor categories of Paraguay and supporting great talents in his country", said Marianella Ramos. Osorio added that Cabañas has a life without much media noise, and little by little, he is starting his career as a football coach. According to Miguel Ramos, the Paraguayan has put on his part to get ahead despite the difficulties, and believes that his future will be full of success.

Cabañas and his career

During his soccer career, Cabañas stood out with the América América shirt, a club with which he scored 98 goals in 160 games. Likewise, he excelled with the Paraguayan Soccer Team, scoring 10 points in 44 games played.


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