Does PPK's exit affect the Summit of the Americas?

Democratic governance and corruption is the theme of the summit scheduled for April 13 and 14

Does PPK's exit affect the Summit of the Americas?

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The resignation of the president of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK), and the subsequent political instability generated in that nation, has raised several questions about the future of the country in governmental and diplomatic issues. One of these is the completion of the Summit of the Americas, an event that is scheduled for April 13 and 14 in Lima and to which 33 countries are expected to attend.

In the eighth summit, the thematic axes to be debated are democratic governance and corruption, sustainable development, cooperation, international institutions and public-private partnerships. Although Peru has ratified that the agenda will be developed under the plan, some political analysts estimate that certain reactions could be evident.

The first one came from Chile. The deputy of that country and president of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Chamber, Vlado Mirosevic, requested to suspend the meeting until the Peruvian democracy returns to stabilize. "The logical thing is that the meeting be suspended because Peruvian democracy has to be normalized", said the deputy, adding that the decision taken by the new Peruvian government will be respected, and "if he continues with the idea of ​​holding the meeting in Lima, of course, Chile is going to participate".

Second level delegations could be sent

According to previous statements by Vice President Martín Vizcarra and next president of the nation, Peru will continue with the planned road map and the summit will be held on the agreed date without alterations. However, it will be the decision of the representatives of each country to attend the meeting.

At this point, some political analysts indicate that it would be possible to see some countries sending second level delegates to the Summit of the Americas, that is, on behalf of presidents, vice presidents or ministers would attend. This could unleash that leaders like Donald Trump decided to cancel their participation. However, so far, the White House has notified that it continues with the preparations and the pertinent logistics to guarantee Trump's attendance at the meeting.

"The United States supports the Government of Peru as host of the Summit of the Americas and is committed to defending and reaffirming our collective and regional commitment to democracy," said a spokesman for the US Department of State. to the news agency EFE.

Will it change its position in relation to Maduro's participation?

The position of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was always very critical of the system of government implemented by Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. His position defending human rights and foreign policy is widely shared by Vizcarra. Therefore, it would be estimated that who was the right hand during the PPK government,  he would propose minimal or no alterations to the foreign policy guidelines that Peru had been handling.

The political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela will be one of the issues to be addressed during the summit. However, due to the rupture of democracy in which that country is immersed, the Lima Group decided to withdraw the invitation of Nicolás Maduro to the summit. Vizcarra will now have to celebrate his inauguration and then review with his cabinet if it reverses or not the decision of Peru against the participation of the Venezuelan president. Taking into account the previous position of Vizcarra on this issue, it would not be considered a change of scenery and therefore Maduro would continue without returning the official invitation to the event.

After the resignation of PPK, Peru has experienced days of demonstrations of citizens demanding new elections, renewing the Congress completely and reject the Fujimorismo and the Peruvian political class. The groups of marchistas that are concentrated in Lima have clashed with the riot police but have been dispersed without consequences.


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