The war took care of the landscape

If Colombian peace deal comes to an end, tourism will replace the loneliness of countless beautiful places the war has kept untouched.  

Ban Ki-moon: Today’s big challenges are Gender Equality, Climate Change

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon began Monday his official visit to Argentina with a speech in which said the principal objectives of his work are achieving gender equality and doing something about climate change

Venezuela’s new economic guru

Alfredo Serrano’s calls for even more state controls have largely shaped the president’s response to the country’s economic crisis

Not all news form Brazil are bad news

It's always the problems that get the headlines. But if you look under the surface, you'll see that the rule of law is taking shape.

Poll confirms majority in Colombia opposes peace deal with FARC

If Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos wants to close peace with the FARC, he best begin campaigning hard as a second poll confirmed that the majority of voters rejects the current peace agreement.

Colombia launches big demining brigade

Colombia has launched what it says is the world's biggest operation for clearing unexploded mines as it closes in on an end to its half-century civil conflict.

Cuba blames US for surge in 'unsafe' migration

Tens of thousands have left Cuba in the past two years, taking perilous routes to reach the US.

The fall of the most important Brazilian

The Petrobras scandal has caused the fall of Lula da Silva, but brazilians have become so accustomed to revelations of wrongdoing that they treated news of Lula’s forthcoming trial almost as a non-event.

Brazil’s other olympic spirits: Anger, Anxiety and Indifference

It is something of a ritual in countries that host the Olympics to engage in soul-searching on the eve of the Games. And Brazil is no exception, unleashing a withering exploration of the country’s political, economic and ethical troubles

Mercosur's Venezuela dilema

Mercosur's disarray and fault lines were again exposed when Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay insisted that Venezuela's self proclamation as president of the group was invalid.

Web censorship in Venezuela

New study finds major news networks and social media impeded by government censorship, at least 372 web portals have been blocked by main Internet service providers (ISP).

The other victims of Venezuela's shortages

About 50 animals in one of Venezuela's main zoos are reported to have died of hunger over the last six months because of chronic food shortages.

Paraguay and Brazil: “Venezuela is a non full member of Mercosur”

Paraguay announced officially that it will not be attending the Common Market Council of Mercosur in Montevideo next 30 July, if the agenda includes the transfer of the group's presidency to Venezuela.

Bolivia maintains top growth in S. America despite commodity price falls

Bolivia appears to have been spared the worst effects of a fall in international commodity prices as it announced economic growth of 4.9 percent in the first four months of the year.

Colombia faces Brexit-style ‘great dilemma’ in vote to end war with Farc

In a plebiscite this year, Colombians will accept or reject a peace deal between the government and Farc guerrillas to end more than half a century of war

Wall Donald Trump, not Mexico

A coalition of immigrant rights activists and progressive groups rallied to wall off GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump instead of the U.S.-Mexico border at a protest on Wednesday.

Venezuela gets a new Comandante

President Nicolas Maduro's decision last week to put Venezuela's armed forces in charge of food and other basic goods. Did we just saw the end of Venezuela's democracy?

'Welcome to Hell': Olympics security

Police hit by Rio de Janeiro’s cash crisis have threatened to strike during the Olympics, warning tourists that they are at risk in the city as officers and firefighters are not being paid. 

Why this week venezuelan exodus to Colombia spells the end for Maduro

On Sunday, July 10, more than 35,000 Venezuelans crossed the border into the Colombian city of Cúcuta. Many Venezuelans have compared the exodus into Cúcuta, Colombia to the fall of the Berlin Wall, and they are not wholly mistaken.

Big hit to women rights in El Salvador

Rights groups condemn opposition proposal to put sentences for abortion on a par with penalty for aggravated murder with extreme cruelty. the newly aproved abortion law change could leave women facing 50 years in jail

Countries from across the Americas to discuss poverty, inequality

Officials from some 20 countries in the Americas will meet this week in Asuncion to discuss poverty and inequality at a conference sponsored by the Organization of American States

Latin America forges ahead on market integration

While Europe has just experienced its first disintegrating blow, Latin America might be on the opposite path towards regional integration, as Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance seek accord.

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