Latam: No Brussels here

The lessons Latin America can learn from Brexit and the EU. Integration has many potential benefits for Latin America. But only if it is well done

Corruption perception in Colombia is sustained

Despite five years of enforcement of Law 1474 of 2011, statistics seem to indicate that the anticorruption statute has not been useful to change the negative perceptions over one of the topics which most impacts Colombia.

Latam's new female card for the UN's Leadership

The Costa Rican government nominated Christiana Figueres to succeed Ban Ki-moon as UN secretary-general.

Biggest obstacle to peace in Colombia may not be FARC, but an ex-president

Former president Álvaro Uribe, had called for a signature-collecting campaign of “civil resistance” to the government of President Juan Manuel Santos

Will North American Leaders Stay the Wrong Course on Heroin?

North America summit strong on dubious supply-side heroin controls in Mexico, weak on talk of controlling US demand.

How americans see Mexico

Less than one in four Americans have a positive image of Mexico, and fewer still believe it has a modern economy or is safe for travel.

EU urged to work with Latam’s Pacific Alliance

European Union member-states who are observers to the Pacific Alliance should “work with commitment” with the bloc comprising Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru to move forward in the educational realm

Trade-based money laundering is a concern in Latam

A new report from the US Congressional Research Service details the importance of trade-based money laundering for criminal networks in Latin America

Colombia's future hinges on an inclusive peace deal that recognises human rights

The promised end of a conflict that has raged for more than half a century will only usher in a new era if it lays the foundations for social and political change

July 20: Colombia’s latest deadline for peace with FARC

Peace talks with Colombia’s largest and oldest guerrilla group, the FARC, will be ready before July 20, President Juan Manuel Santos said early this week.

Criminal justice in Mexico Trials and errors

The new system scraps the “inquisitorial” approach, in which a prosecutor presents written evidence that the defence has little opportunity to contest, in favour of a more transparent “adversarial” model

Venezuelans line up to back recall

Amid mounting crisis, process begins of validating signatures of those backing petition for referendum to remove Maduro.

Who won in Colombia - Venezuela border closure?

Venezuela's decision to close its border with Colombia in 2015 has been hugely profitable for criminal groups, who now have unprecedented control over contraband movements in the region.

OAS General Assembly opens with focus on Venezuela

The 46th Organization of American States General Assembly opened on Tuesday with the focus on Venezuela’s political crisis and the dire financial condition of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, or IACHR.

The Mexican blues

Mexicans are fed up with crime and corruption. So what needs to be done?

Will be or won't be - Maduro's recall

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro is using the state to derail the recall process and the opposition is using Social Media, independant media and the international community to keep it on track

What happened in Peru’s presidential election?

Peru’s presidential election was supposed to be a forgone conclusion. What happened?

Kuczynski ahead in Peru election, but will he be able to govern?

Candidate known as ‘PPK’ and backed by alliance of socialists and free-market conservatives has razor thin lead over Keiko Fujimori

Malcorra at the UN sets a dilema for the UK

Britain is facing a diplomatic dilemma since it seems quite clear that the US administration of Barack Obama favours the Argentine candidate Susana Malcorra as the next UN Secretary General

OAS: Save Human Rights Body

If OAS member countries don’t address this financial crisis, it will cast serious doubts on their commitment to human rights.

Pioneer gas project in Latam fails indigenous peoples

Huge revenues generated by the Camisea project in Peru’s Amazon, but locals suffer from health epidemics and lack of clean water

Argentina’s Eternal Debt Problem

Argentina recently emerged from nearly 15 years of the most litigious sovereign default in modern times, if not ever. Now it has the opportunity to reenter the global financial system and build a more stable and prosperous future.

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