Venezuela government and opposition meet

Venezuela's opposition and top government officials set to met with a group of mediators in the Dominican Republic to lay the groundwork for a dialogue amid a political standoff and a deepening economic crisis.

A Latin American woman for U.N. secretary general?

Argentina has nominated its foreign minister, Susana Malcorra, for U.N. secretary general. The former U.N. chief of staff is highly qualified for the job, but faces uphill battle against Eastern European candidates

Paraguay requests Mercosur meeting over Venezuela's situation

Paraguay formally requested meeting of Mercosur foreign ministers to address the situation in Venezuela which is undergoing a critical political, social and economic scenario.

Inter-American Commission's budget crisis

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR or Commission) announced that a budget crisis was forcing it to “suspend visits it had planned for this year, as well as its 159th and 160th sessions,”

A surge of migrants, on the Mexico border, ahead of a possible ‘Trump Wall’

The migrant attitude is “hurry, hurry, hurry, get there,”  as Trump says he wants to build a wall. They want to get over before he builds it

Latam needs social changes to end violence against children

Latin America needs cultural and social changes to stem violence against children, experts from international organizations agreed this week.

There Is No Coup in Brazil: OAS

The US ambassador for the OAS (Organisation of American States) dismissed the notion that a coup is underway in Brazil.

In El Salvador the gangs cost 16% of GDP

The country’s gangs specialise in extortion. But they may be branching out. Salvadoreans pay $756m a year, about 3% of GDP, to gangs, according to a study by the country’s central bank and the UN Development Programme.

Latinos favor Clinton over Trump by 39-point margin

With less than six months to go before the presidential elections, Latinos overwhelmingly support Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton over presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump

Protests intensify against Venezuela's Maduro

Tear gas fired and four arrests made in Caracas during rallies demanding passage of referendum to remove the president.

Illegal mining widespread in Colombia

Illegal mining operations exist in 307 of Colombia’s 1,102 municipalities and cause the Andean nation to lose more than $67.8 million (200 billion pesos) in tax revenue annually, the Colombian Mining Association, or ACM, reported.

No deal is better than a bad deal: 4 years of US-Colombia free trade pact

Since a free trade agreement between the United States and Colombia came into force on May 15, 2012, exports from Colombia to the US have been cut in half while violence against labor rights workers persists.

Colombia and Farc rebels agreed child soldier deal

The Colombian government says it has agreed a road map for the release of child soldiers from the ranks of the left-wing Farc rebels.

Brazil's Temer calls for unity, confidence for Brazil recovery

Temer, a 75-year-old centrist now moving to steer Latin America's biggest country toward more market-friendly policies, told Brazilians to have "confidence" they would overcome an ongoing crisis

Venezuela Opposition "Are NOT Traitors": Almagro

Someone who asks for help, good offices or diplomatic actions therefore cannot be considered a traitor.

Mexico prepares for “Trump Emergency”

“Here there is a Mexican government analysis triangle to know how to confront what we’ve been calling the Trump Emergency,” Peña Nieto

Probable impunity in Mexico's 43 students case

Some of the 123 suspects may have been tortured into confessing, making it even more difficult to know what really happened.

Brexit, Falklands' economy and Argentina

If Britain finally leaves the European Union it might encourage Argentina to be more aggressive, according to Sukey Cameron, Falkland Islands government representative in London

UNGASS: Latam's stands on the war on drugs

This week the UN General Assembly (UNGASS), met to talk about the war on drugs.  After three decades it is clear that changes have to be made, but which ones? 

What the FARC's elusive finances mean for peace

New estimates that the FARC guerrilla organization is worth billions of dollars draw attention to a highly contested issue that is critical to the peace talks between Colombia and its largest rebel group.

Brazil Supreme Court upholds Rousseff impeachment vote

Brazil's Supreme Court has rejected a government injunction aimed at preventing an impeachment vote against President Dilma Rousseff.

Amnesty law stroke down by Venezuela's TSJ

Venezuela’s Supreme Court (TSJ) struck down an amnesty law that would have helped free jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez and several other political prisoners Monday afternoon.

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