Mexico replaced diplomats amid anti-Mexican climate in the US

Mexico's government on Tuesday unexpectedly changed two of its top officials responsible for U.S. relations, citing concerns about an increasingly anti-Mexican climate across the border.

The Americas are stronger together

'The Americas as a whole have much to gain from partnership rather than confrontation or mutual neglect': Bachelet

The Panama Papers a nightmare begins

It is frightening, but sadly,¿ no unexpected to see so many Latin Americans in the Panama Papers leak. It should make us look into our moral fiber as a society

The Panama Papers a nightmare begins

A huge leak of confidential documents has revealed how the rich and powerful use tax havens to hide their wealth

No corruption charges for Dilma Rousseff

A Brazilian Supreme Court magistrate rejected including accusations linking President Dilma Rousseff to the Petrobras corruption case in her own political trial, court sources reported.

Over 250,000 children affected by Colombia conflict

More than 250,000 children have been affected by the conflict in Colombia since peace talks between the Government and the country’s main armed opposition group (FARC-EP) started three years ago, UNICEF said in a report released on 19 March 2016.

Mercosur and Unasur can't agree on support for Dilma Rousseff

Argentina is only prepared to express support for Brazil's institutions while Chile and Paraguay have balked at the idea of personalizing the issue in Rousseff and her Workers Party.

Not so special: Changes of the special status of Cuban migrants

In the end, the only sustainable Cuban immigration policy involves a free and prosperous island, 90 miles off Florida. Cubans’ entry privileges may be a relic of the cold war. But so is the failed embargo. Scrap both at the same time, and bet on openness.

Growing up in a conflict zone puts brain development at risk

Syria and Colombia serve as an example of the consequences more than 87 million children face for growing up in conflict zones.

March 23th came but no peace deal was reached for Colombia

More than three years into marathon peace talks to end Latin America's last civil war, Colombia and Marxist FARC rebels missed their self-imposed deadline, but pledged to keep trying.

The clock is ticing on Brazil’s political crisis

Dilma Rousseff’s chances of remaining in office are diminishing by the day. On march 18th the clock started ticking for Dilma Rousseff. The lower house of Brazil’s Congress voted to start the impeachment process against the president

Obama visits Cuba

President Barack Obama is in Cuba for a historic three-day visit to the island and talks with its communist leader. The 54 year embargo, human rights and trade are in the agenda

Bending the curve toward peace

From Southeast Asia to Latin America, past conflicts -- conflicts that once consumed the world's attention -- have been overcome. Today's will be as well.

Central America's migrant chlidren crisis

Major communication campaigns have been launched in countries like Honduras and El Salvador to report on the risks and dangers of irregular migration.

Gender pay gap in latam shrinks but still a problem

The gender pay gap in Latin America has narrowed more slowly for well-educated women than for others, and the slow pace of change hampers development and progress toward gender equality

The push for Maduro's exit

A Venezuelan opposition coalition has announced how it plans to remove President Nicolas Maduro from office.

Latam women sex health problems

Access to potentially life-saving contraception and abortion can be a lottery for women and girls in Latin America, often depending on their ability to pay or the personal and religious views of a health worker.

Venezuela students hit the streets against Supreme Court ruling

Venezuelan students clashed with police in the western city of San Cristobal on Wednesday. The students were protesting against a ruling by the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Cuba: A country free from violent crime?

Famed for its classic cars, ice-cold mojito cocktails and diverse history, Cuba is now also making headlines for a very different reason. In fact, the island is renowned for its incredibly low levels of violent crime.

The latest blow to Latam's leftist leaders

Three things are behind the left’s fall from grace. The first is the end of the commodity boom. The second is corruption, especially in Venezuela and Brazil. Third, after a decade or more of left-wing dominance voters want fresh faces and the alternation of power.

Indigenous groups in latam

They are the first inhabitants of the American continent, speak a total of 560 languages and have countless varied and rich traditions: the 42 million indigenous people across Latin America.

Obama goes to Cuba

President Obama is to visit Cuba in the coming weeks as part of a broader trip to Latin America, reports say. He will be only the second sitting US president in history to travel to the island, after Calvin Coolidge in 1928.

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