Pope tells young Mexicans to 'dare to dream'

Pope Francis has urged young Mexicans to reject a life of crime and "dare to dream" as he visited Michoacan - a state hit hard by drug violence.

Political risk looms in Latam

This year will be one of high political risk in the region. The economic deterioration of the Latin America—the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects a 0.3% contraction this year—has had, and will continue to have, political consequences.

The Zika Virus and Latam Women’s Right to Choose

Amid of the Zika scare, some countries have sugested their women not to get pregnant, Honduras goverment ask for this until 2018. But in Colombia and Brazil, the conversation have moed to abortion as well.

US role in ending a Central American war

The reach of El Salvador’s gangs into the US was also brought home on Jan. 29 with federal indictments of 56 gang members in Boston. This has the US has lately felt some urgency to end gang-related violence in Central America.

Colombia is preparing for peace. So are its drug traffickers.

As the Colombian government nears a deal to end its 50-year conflict with FARC guerrillas, it is intensifying another war in the jungles here along the Caribbean coast, the stronghold of a shadowy drug organization known as Clan Úsuga.

US to help Colombia in peace, $450m pledged

Obama said he planned to ask Congress for some $450 million in U.S. assistance for Colombia in his final budget, acceding to Santos' request that the U.S. increase its aid to the country this year.

Brazil is Partying on a precipice

Carnival starts this friday but the holiday provides no respite from economic and political woes as the economic slide continues and President Rousseff inpeachment is on the table, again.

Corruption in Colombia

In spite of government promises to tackle widespread corruption, the country has made no improvements and continues to rank in the lower half of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index.

Deep in the jungle, peace looms at rebel hideout

Now peace is within reach as talks between the guerrillas and the government near conclusion in Cuba, and for the first time Juan Pablo,  a commander of the 36th Front of the FARC, is thinking about a future outside this jungle hideout.

Brutal murders show violence women face in Latin America

Statistics are incomplete and inconsistently kept across the region. But where they are available, they are startling: Domestic violence kills nearly one woman a day in Argentina, more than five a day in Mexico and 15 a day in Brazil, for example. The issue has surged to the surface in Argentina, where a recent series of gruesome killings has raised new alarm.

What will Latin America look like in 2020?

Leaders from some of the most innovative companies in LatAm offer their predicctions on what the future of the region holds.

Is China pulling Latin America in an unsustainable direction?

Latin American leaders were at the CELAC III summit in Costa Rica last month. But do they really hold the keys to a sustainable future for the continent?

Corruption, Crime and Culture, Work Best in Mexico

British artist Brian Nissen, who has spent many years in Mexico, believes that the three things that work best in this country are its culture, crime and corruption, all of which continue to grow incessantly.

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