Brazil’s leaders see way out of scandal: Amnesty

This week, Brazil’s prosecutor general requested new investigations into dozens of politicians based on plea-bargain testimony from executives at Odebrecht

Brazil prosecutor targets politicians in Petrobras scandal

Brazil's top prosecutor has asked the Supreme Court to open 83 new investigations into politicians as part of a long-running corruption probe involving state oil giant Petrobras

The Odebrecht scandal and its pressure on Colombia’s corrupt politics

The uncovered corruption includes an alleged $11.1 million in bribes in Colombia so far

Peru Anti-Corruption office calls for probe of Garcia, Kuczynski

Odebrecht admitted in a US court that between 2005-2014 in Peru it paid $29 million in bribes to land public works projects.

How much corruption costs to Colombia?

In Colombia, corruption is a serious obstacle for the country’s growth.

Corruption, a heavy weight pulling down Latin America’s Economy

Corruption has been identified as the world’s biggest obstacle to economic and social development; In Latin America, a region with some of the most corrupt countries in the world

How much corruption costs to Colombia?

Is estimated that in two decades corruption has costs about COP189 billion, which represents 4% of the country’s GDP of that time.

Corruption is endemic

We remember the Corruption Perceptions Index which shows most citizens face the impact of corruption on a daily basis.

The long live corruption culture

In Latin America a political thought built on an evolution grounded in individualism is the rule.

Colombia prosecutors seize $98M in FARC assets

Colombian authorities seized $98 million worth of assets belonging to the demobilizing FARC rebel group, the country’s chief prosecutor said lat week.

Tale of ‘El Caballo’ lays bare Argentina’s culture of corruption

For a quarter century, one man ruled the Rio Parana, the mighty Mississippi of Argentina. His name is Omar Suarez. Along the Parana  he is better known as El Caballo

Displaced migrants headed to US in limbo in Tijuana

Families fleeing violence in Latin America and migrants from outside of it make up an unprecedented crisis of homeless people stranded just outside the US

Santos thanks Correa for support on Colombian peace process

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Wednesday reiterated his thanks to his Ecuadorian counterpart and host, Rafael Correa, for the latter’s support of Bogota’s peace process with the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas.

Corruption scandals with brazilian roots cascade across Latin America

Latin America’s biggest corruption scandal is shaking the continent’s political establishment. It can all be traced back to Odebrecht, the Brazilian construction company

Corruption scandal ensnares leaders of Peru and Colombia

A corruption scandal in Latin America wound its way through the political establishments of two countries on Tuesday as Peru’s attorney general issued an arrest warrant for a former president and Colombian prosecutors said their president’s campaign might have received questionable donations.

What is at stake for Latin America in 2017?

Here are some thoughts on the social challenges for the region this year

Opioids consequences approach Latin America

Young people addiction to opioids started out in the United States but might enter Latin America along with its social consequences in a society that’s already in crisis.  

The opioid epidemic threatens to go global

The business is expanding to the developing world. 

Authorities to finally investigate Colombia’s biggest corruption scandal in history

Colombia’s fiscal authority announced Tuesday that it will investigate oil refinery Reficar, center of the biggest corruption ignominy in the country’s history.

Colombia’s businesses have become numb to corruption: poll

A poll conducted among businessmen by the national businesses association ANDI concluded that there is widespread acceptance towards government corruption in Colombia.

Opioid crisis: What can be done?

Nearly 2 million people abuse or are dependent on prescription opioids, and more than half a million abuse or are dependent on heroin—statistics that have skyrocketed over the past decade.

Combating the Colombian corruption crisis

As Odebrecht admits to bribery on a massive international scale, we can see the impact that corruption has on Colombia and how things might change in the future.

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