Argentina, Peru, and Brazil promise new era at UN meetings

The newly elected presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Peru have new political plans that may mark a shift to the right in Latin America.

Falklands: It's time to start talking

Argentine president Mauricio Macri told British Prime Minister Theresa May he was ready to begin an open dialogue on the Falklands/Malvinas sovereignty

Michel Temer: Striving for legitimacy as Brazil’s new leader

Brazil’s new president, Michel Temer, faces a difficult balancing act in his first speech before the General Assembly, after a bruising impeachment battle that ousted his rival, Dilma Rousseff.

Increasingly isolated Venezuela wraps up summit

The 120-nation group's meeting was held on the Venezuelan resort island of Margarita. Only 12 heads of state chose to attend as a crisis wracks this South American country

Central American migrants desperate to reach US risk new dangers at sea

As US-driven immigration crackdown forces many to find alternative routes through Mexico, activists fear an increase in trafficking and drownings

Fallout from Trump’s visit to Mexico: a rise of anti-Americanism?

If Trump wins, Mexico could revert to anti-American populist policies that would hurt U.S. anti-drug cooperation, trade and investments.

Colombia Farc rebels hand over child soldiers

The Colombian rebel group, the Farc, has handed over a first group of child soldiers as part of a peace accord signed with the government last month.

Media markets changing to survive into the Latin-American culture

Spanish is the main language in Latin America and digital contents offered to the public were not coherent with culture.

Margarita becomes flash-point for Venezuela’s political crisis

Venezuela’s Margarita Island, is emerging as a flash-point for the South American country’s political crisis as President Maduro prepares to welcome the 17th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Violence and economy, Latin Americans’ worst problems

On the average, crime is the most important problem for 22 percent of Latin Americans, topped only by the sum of those worried by economic problems including unemployment (16 percent)

Latin America keeps being on the center of the U.S. presidential elections

Latin American population presence in the United States might be the decisive weight on the balance.

Latam: Neither Trumpian nor Brexiteer

Latin America has different worries from the United States and Europe. Terrorism and immigration are not among their chief concerns. They are not in a protectionist mood

Donald Trump: Mexico will pay for wall, '100%'

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has insisted Mexico will pay for a border wall "100%", in a major immigration speech.

Trump announces trip to Mexico but mexicans won't have him

Republican presidential candidate will meet Peña Nieto ahead of major immigration speech. US presidential candidate urged to apologise for past remarks, and Mexican president criticised for inviting him

Migration “Cannot Be Turned Back” or be “Halted with Walls,” ILO warns

The regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Labor Organization, Jose Manuel Salazar, said this week that there are 232 million migrants and that the phenomenon “cannot be turned back”

Historic peace deal between Colombia and FARC

Colombia’s government and leftist FARC rebels unveiled a final peace deal on Wednesday to end a 50-year-old guerrilla war, one of the world’s longest conflicts which took the resource-rich country to the brink of being a failed state

US gun control laws and Mexico's criminal violence

Mexico's foreign minister has blamed lax US gun control laws for the flood of illegal weapons into the country, in an unusually frank assessment of the impact of US domestic policy on violence and organized crime in Mexico.

Rio Olympics are over, Let the games begin: Rousseff vs Temer

With the Rio Olympics over, Brazil’s attention returns to its long-running political drama as the final phase of suspended President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment trial starts

Latin America still behaving bipolar

When it comes to women general development, Latin American countries don’t stop giving out paradoxes; with the highest levels in particular aspects and the lowest ones in some others. 

Venezuela’s friends in Beijing worried

The government of Nicolás Maduro has made some last-ditch efforts to cut costs and pay off debts. As it has for over a decade now, Venezuela is looking to China for much-needed financial assistance.

Illegal mines and local mafia take shine off Latin American gold

Criminal gangs in Peru are running gold mines where life is disease-ridden, desperate and dangerous – yet many corporate buyers don’t seem to care

50,000 march in Peru against gender violence

Protest follows complaints by women’s groups of lenient sentences given to perpetrators in recent cases

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