Can Obama Pardon Millions of Immigrants?

President Obama will not be judged on his intentions or his attempts on immigration, but rather on his real impact. This is his last chance to establish a legacy of pragmatic compassion.

An exodus at US's backyard

This exodus involves people who have fled the threat of death in Central America and arrived, traumatized and defenseless, at the American border.

The irony of NATO

NATO is supposed to be a defensive alliance but its moving eastwards threatening Europe with destruction.

Brazil is Living in Interesting Times. Unfortunately

Tradition has it that the Chinese have used, for many years, a curse that went, more or less “may you live in interesting times.”

Is Brexit reversible?

We listed 4 ways the UK could reverse Brexit

As the World Goes Latin, Latin America Gets Logical

While the British were exiting the EU and the Americas were finally taking steps to protect democracy,

The OAS and Venezuela: is that it?

Did I miss something? After the big build-up to the June 23 meeting of the Permanent Council convened by Secretary General Luis Almagro, the event didn’t even end with a whimper: it ended with lunch. No vote

Peru’s president-elect demands freedoms in Venezuela

In a post-election interview, he said Venezuela should free political prisoners and allow its congress to pass laws. If allowed to govern by his country’s opposition, Kuczynski could turn Peru into an even bigger success story

Is Colombia ready for peace?

Apparently the day has finally come, but as Farc guerrillas prepare finally for peace some in their ranks can't stop pondenring about peace and thier future

Disdain for Trump is a plus for Mexico's government

In Mexico, Trump is widely known and widely disliked – but he also presents an opportunity for the government to paint itself as a victim, not a villain

On the Difficulties of Fighting Barbarism in Latin America

Latin America's leadership repeatedly counts among the region's achievements its holistic embrace of progress and rejection of a barbaric past.

Who won in Colombia - Venezuela border closure?

Venezuela's decision to close its border with Colombia in 2015 has been hugely profitable for criminal groups, who now have unprecedented control over contraband movements in the region.

The Venezuela test

Why Latin American governments refuse to stick up for democracy? one answer could be Latin American diplomats worry that suspending Venezuela from the OAS would not restore democracy.

The Brexit vote: What could LatAm expect?

The odds are favoring the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU, if it were to be confirmed, LatAm should be ready for considerable economic shifts.

Are US voters suffering from ‘Electile Dysfunction’?

Urban Dictionary defines Electile Dysfunction as “The inability of voters to become aroused over any of the choices for President put forth by either party during an election year.”

What does the the Free World thinks of Trump?

Hello America the World is Watching documentary hopes to give us the answer.

Mexico may veer to the left in 2018

The ruling PRI party was the big loser in Mexico’s June 5 local elections in 14 states. Anti-establishment sentiment will help leftist candidate Andres M. Lopez Obrador in the race for 2018

Getting the Story Right in Venezuela

Haiti’s earthquake and political chaos is a piece of cake compared to the challenge Venezuela presents to the Americas.

What Happened to All Those Rosy Forecasts for Latin America?

2016 was supposed to be the year of light for the Americas. What happened to all those rosy forecasts?

Fujimori versus anti-Fujimorismo

Fujimorismo represents more than just nostalgia for Mr Fujimori’s achievements of vanquishing the terrorism of the Shining Path and launching economic growth.

Venezuela's crisis impacts on Colombia and Cuba

The only sustainable peace in Colombia and true democracy in Cuba requires peace in Venezuela.

The ideas of wisdom in Venezuela

18 years of copycatting the Cuban revolution, have brought the largest depository of proven oil reserves to be unable to secure power for its households.

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