Venezuela and the Left

The human rights situation in Venezuela is getting worse. Fortunately, some on the Left are deciding to speak up.

Latin America’s great re-election debate

Endowed with extra revenues that enabled them to fulfil campaign promises, presidents tended to be popular. That is no longer the case.

As Venezuela declines, so does its Latin American influence

Nicolás Maduro’s regime, corrupt and overseeing economic collapse, has lost clout in Peru, Colombia, and Argentina.

Let venezuelans speak through the vote

The requests made by the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) opposition coalition are concrete. None of them is out of the Constitution.

As Colombia emerges from War, new challenges mount

Regional and hemispheric migration flows have prevailed in Colombia since the 1960s.

Venezuela and the eclipse of American leadership

Venezuela’s steady descent into chaos has repeatedly prompted pundits like me to predict that the authoritarian populist regime founded by Hugo Chávez was doomed to collapse, or be ousted. 

Brexit cowardice and Colombian courage: a tale of two referenda

2016 served up two extraordinary referenda, fought under similar conditions, and with similar results, but which led to remarkably different outcomes.

Mexico in the face of Trump’s America: Nationalism is NOT the answer

A call for nationalism is the wrong answer to Trump’s policies. Beyond its shortsighted and potentially chauvinistic nature, a call for nationalism can translate into a call for loyalty towards the current government

Why South Koreans are richer than Latin Americans

If you wonder why most Asian countries have done so much better than Latin American nations in recent decades, visit a South Korean local school.

Can the World Help Venezuela Save Itself?

The United States, Colombia, Cuba and other Caribbean countries want to stabilize Venezuela’s oil exports and to prevent an escalation of violence, a breakdown of order and further floods of refugees.

What to expect from Ecuador’s new president

As Correísmo hangs on, Moreano has made lots of promises, but will struggle to keep them

Colombia, now we need to talk about the people

The next phase in the peace agreement calls for a change of focus.

Will Mexico get half of its territory back?

The United States invasion of Mexico in 1846 inflicted a painful wound that, in the 170 years that followed, turned into a scar. Donald Trump has torn it open again.

Latin America: A desert of new ideas

Latin America, the birthplace of some of the most influential ideas of the past century, is now lagging behind.

Amnesty: a win for Colombia’s peace process?

The amnesty came as part of the peace process between the Colombian government and FRAC which was passed by congress in November.

Venezuela Wants to Live in a Democracy

Since its defeat during a parliamentary election on December 6 2015, the chavismo regime decided to abandon the electoral path

There has never been a better time for Latin American integration

In theory, internal borders should not exist in Mercosur. In practice, customs, sanitary inspections and other paperwork mean that the trucks are delayed for up to 24 hours

Changing Latin America’s culture of insular science

The region’s scientists lament that their research is too often disconnected from the larger world. In the age of Zika, that needs to change.

Latin American presidents love Twitter – and that’s Not good

Latin American presidents are inventing new ways to exercise leadership – namely, via social media. By 2014, the region had the world’s highest use of social media use by politicians.

Trump should not turn his back on Latin America

It is time for the Trump administration to pay at least some attention to Latin America. Even bankrupt Venezuela has been quicker and more generous than the United States during the tragedy that devastated Peru

How Venezuela can avoid suspension from the OASl

The history of Latin America and the Caribbean is plagued with dictators. That is why in 2001, the 34 countries of the OAS agreed to and signed the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

What’s wrong with our education?

Compared to developed countries educational systems, ours, keeps being slow and poorly prepared for the 21st century challenges.

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