Venezuelan democracy needs the hemisphere’s help

There is a world of difference between the unilateral imposition of sanctions by the United States and the invocation of the O.A.S. democratic charter.

Will Venezuela’s dictatorship survive?

What can be done to halt Venezuela’s implosion, organise a humanitarian rescue and achieve a return to democracy? Radicals in the opposition trusted in a popular uprising.

Femitaxi App: Solution, evolution or involution?

The breaking point where society decides to divide what is meant to live together! 

Women: "The weaker, smaller and less intelligent sex"

“less intelligent”? Joan of Ark, Marie Curie, Indira Gandhi? I wonder if any of those names ring a bell for Korwin-Mikke.

Is populism really retreating in Latin America?

Latin America's recent rightward spiral should not be seen as the end of the populist era in the region.

What it means to be Human in the XXI century?

Across the world, it is possible to witness the liberation of prejudice, galvanized by the emergence of a politics of hate and division that plays directly into the everyday fears

Why Ecuador matters!!

We just witnessed part 1 of the presidential race in Ecuador, where thanks to a divided opposition, the government-backed candidate Lenin Moreno secured participation in the run-off election scheduled for April 2nd.

The left/right and new/old electoral divides in Chile

As President Michelle Bachelet enters her last year in office, presidential hopefuls in Chile are aligning along a left-right and a new-old divide to attract indifferent voters

What are we going to do with you, Betsy?

To thoroughly understand what is going on with the educational system in United States, one must go back to a few months ago. 

5 steps to misunderstand feminism and succeed

The outrageous incident that opened the controversy in Argentina on individual liberties, women discrimination, morality against nudity, inspired the call for a 'Tetazo' the past Tuesday in the capital and many questions arose. 

Why people vote against themselves - a lesson from Colombia

The outcome of the referendum on the peace agreement in Colombia was as surprising as Brexit. Why do people around the world vote against choices that obviously make sense?

Latin America may side with Mexico against Trump

Latin America has remained fairly quiet during President Trump's confrontation with Mexico so far, but that could change very soon.

Britain under Corbyn? Just look at Venezuela

The hard-left policies of his idol Hugo Chavez have left a once-rich nation brutalised, devastated and with 2,200 per cent inflation

Has the pink tide truly turned?, Ecuador might have the answer

The country faces its first election in a decade without Rafael Correa but although the favourite, Lenín Moreno, is from the same party they are different characters

Is Costa Rica the world’s happiest, greenest country?

Costa Rica was the most environmentally advanced and happiest place on earth last year, followed by Mexico, Colombia, Vanuatu and Vietnam.

Pope Francis, get out of Venezuela. You’re only making things worse.

Many of us have praised Pope Francis for his humbleness and for his tolerance toward victims of discrimination who had long been neglected by the Vatican, but it’s time to tell him loud and clear: Get out of Venezuela.

Venezuela’s MUD must hold primaries Now!

It seems that leaders of the opposition have reached a consensus on pressing for the regional elections. That is progress. And completing the following steps should not be too complicated for them

Will Trump Double down on drug war capitalism with Plan Colombia

Saturday (February 4) marks the 16th anniversary of Plan Colombia, a multi-billion dollar U.S. counternarcotics and counterinsurgency military aid package given to Colombia under President Bill Clinton.

Entertainment in control of our realities

Undoubtedly entertainment information is easier to receive and when it comes to Latin America, it works as a powerful tool to control the masses response to reality but, is this tool being properly used? 

Trump’s mexican shakedown

President Trump’s insistence that he will force Mexico to pay is the definition of extortion: obtaining un-owed money through coercion.

Trump will bring jobs back from Mexico — to be replaced by robots

Trump claims that the United States has a huge unemployment problem. In fact, the opposite is true: overall U.S. unemployment has gone down from 10 percent in 2009 to 4.8 percent today

Is there a credible Islamist threat in Latin America?

Some observers and policymakers suggest there is, but a cold look at the facts suggests fears may be overblown.

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