Women on the money – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, America’s Harriet Tubman

Jul 04, 2019 Others
British 10-pound banknote and Chinese 100-yuan banknotes are seen in a picture illustration, in Beijing, China
Having a diversity of figures held up as role models, however, is also hugely important and can have a much wider impact

Durant and Thompson: the injuries that changed NBA's scenery

Jul 02, 2019 Others
Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson
Although it happened in final against the Toronto Raptors, the consequences of these ailments have a strong impact on the next season

Why will the Qatar 2022 World Cup be played with 32 countries?

May 31, 2019 Others
The proposal of President Gianni Infantino must wait until the 2026 edition. What could be good and bad of having 48 national teams?

Reinvention as the only alternative for the Los Angeles Lakers of 19-20

May 23, 2019 Others
Following the resignation of Magic Johnson as president of club operations and the hiring of Frank Vogel as the new coach, Californians have a lot of work to do

Millionaire fine to Bayern should make us wake up

May 16, 2019 Others
Much has been discussed about the terrible consequences of glyphosate, but governments like the Colombian one insist on using the controversial herbicide

Premier League: an expected superiority, but one that must be maintained

May 16, 2019 Others
What has been achieved by English soccer in this UEFA season is not surprising, but it requires to be sustained in time

2019: a halt to Spanish rule in Europe. Will they return in 2020?

May 13, 2019 Others
I am one of those who think that La Liga is not the best domestic championship of the old continent, but their titles in UEFA competitions argue in favor of it

Venezuela seems to take a definitive step towards its freedom

May 04, 2019 Others
After the meeting of the Lima Group, the conditions look favorable for the culmination of the fateful cycle of Nicolás Maduro. However, we must wait

Sinceramente by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: memoir or presidential campaign?

May 03, 2019 Others
After the success of Sinceramente by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, it only remains to ask, how will that affect the next presidential elections in Argentina?

Big investments do not guarantee titles in sports, patience is more important

Apr 30, 2019 Others
Recently Manchester City and PSG were eliminated again in the Champions League without even reaching the final. What else is needed to win?

LeBron James and his refusal to attend the World Cup in China with the United States

Apr 25, 2019 Others
The stellar forward prefers to dedicate himself to the recording of the movie Space Jam and have a long vacation after the early elimination of the LA Lakers

When men speak on behalf of women

Apr 25, 2019 Others
After all the controversy of the presidential debate in Spain, men are not entirely able to talk about women's issues
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