Artificial intelligence in new business

May 15, 2019 Our
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in the business world with different purposes, which generates competitiveness among companies

Intervention in Venezuela? It started a long time ago

May 08, 2019 Our
The intervention by Russia, China and the United States may not be military yet, but it has been operating for months and leaving victims

Assange: he must be protected, whether he is a hero or a villain

Apr 18, 2019 Our
The fate of the founder of WikiLeaks has sparked divided opinions, but for all its protection should be a priority

Social inequality in Latin America: a condition that affects health

Apr 10, 2019 Our
Latin American Post sets its position on a more common and deeper problem than is initially believed

Where are the international organizations in the crisis in Venezuela?

Mar 27, 2019 Our
Despite the humanitarian work of international organizations, the progress that has been made in restoring democracy in Venezuela has not been much

Orange Economy: the preservation of cultural industries in Colombia

Mar 06, 2019 Our
The orange economy not only bets on increasing Colombia's GDP, but also preserves culture by becoming an attractive sector for investors

Venezuela: democratic pressure before military intervention

Feb 28, 2019 Our
Nicolás Maduro crossed a thin line destroying humanitarian aid. Citizens ask for drastic solutions, but in LatinAmerican Post we agree with the position of the Lima Group

In Venezuela, humanitarian donations are essential

Feb 20, 2019 Our
Donations in Venezuela are necessary to help fight the humanitarian crisis in that country

Why every company must be sustainable?

Feb 13, 2019 Our
Companies must not only be sustainable in environmental issues, but must also give back to the community and its employees

The crisis of commodities: a blessing in disguise

Jan 30, 2019 Our
Growth in Latin America is threatened by low prices of commodities, but this can be a great opportunity

Not a step back, we want peace

Jan 19, 2019 Our
Given the events that have occurred, the Colombian people must be more united than ever

The Christmas bonus is to spend it

Dec 20, 2018 Our
While many media criticize those who spend their Christmas bonus, this extra money does not have to be saved if it is well spent

The next tech genius could be among us

Dec 05, 2018 Our
The use of technology comes so that people can take advantage of it
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