Trump proposes a change in immigration policy

May 21, 2019 Global
"Pro American, pro immigrant and pro worker": this will be, according to Trump, the new immigration system of the United States

It's a fact! Gay marriage is legal in Taiwan

May 18, 2019 Global
This Friday, the Taiwan parliament approved the marriage of same-sex couples. Here we give you all the details

Confrontations in Gaza: the most lethal since 2014

May 08, 2019 Global
With casualties on both sides, on Monday, May 6, a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel was launched after the clashes over the weekend

 Thailand and its eccentric king figure

May 07, 2019 Global
The coronation of the King of Thailand was a three-day celebration full of eccentricities. Do you know what the figure of the king in this Nation means?

Spain: the new era of Pedro Sánchez

Apr 29, 2019 Global
After 11 years, the socialist party won against the right. Pedro Sánchez is the new president of the Spanish Government

United States: Joe Biden begins to run for the presidency

Apr 26, 2019 Global
This is the third time that former vice president, Joe Biden, has competed for the presidency. Several polls mark him as a favorite

Sri Lanka: a series of attacks on Easter Sunday

Apr 21, 2019 Global
On the day that Catholics celebrate Easter Sunday, there have been more than eight explosions in hotels and churches in Sri Lanka

No more asylum: Julian Assange is arrested in London

Apr 11, 2019 Global
On Thursday, April 11, the controversial founder of Wikileaks was arrested in London
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