How did Montevideo Wanderers pay homage to its Venezuelan fans?

The Uruguayan first division club will wear a vinotinto colored uniform in the face of the brand new season


¿Cómo rindió homenaje Montevideo Wanderers a sus fanáticos venezolanos?
The serious social, political and economic crisis that Venezuela is currently experiencing is not a secret for anyone. The situation has led many of its inhabitants to leave the country untimely, with the aim of seeking a better future beyond the borders of that nation. One of the countries that has sheltered the Venezuelans is Uruguay. In the capital of the Latin American country, Montevideo, the football club Montevideo Wanderers, has decided to pay an emotional tribute to migrants from Venezuela.


Recently, the team that plays in the first division of the Uruguayan football and in the Copa Libertadores, decided to offer tribute to their new Venezuelan fans, by using the color vinotinto. The latter is traditionally used by the Venezuelan national team and will now be used as the second official dress of Montevideo Wanderers in the new season that is just beginning. 


According to the engineer Jorge Nin, executive president of Montevideo Wanderers, who spoke for the radio program "Conexión Goleadora" broadcasted on the radio station Union Radio in Caracas, what is intended is that at this time of severe crisis for Venezuela, the citizens who had to leave the country feel happy to reach their new destination in Uruguay, and of course they are part of the club. "It is difficult what Venezuelans live through, who have had to go to many places in the world, of course among them our Uruguayan nation, where we have received them with open arms, not only in society, but also in our team of soccer, of which they have become fans and for that reason we want to pay this small tribute to them carrying the 'vinotinto' that they love so much", commented Nin.


Also, the manager confessed that there is obviously some marketing strategy in the new clothing. The director highlights that many of the citizens of Venezuela who have arrived in Montevideo are professionals, strong and very committed within the community, so they can generate a favorable environment for the club. "We have noticed that many of our new fans come from the Caribbean nation are good people, professionals, so we wanted to attract them with us, to add ideas and love to the colors of the club, which of course is happy to take them consider".

Revolution in the networks

The boom that generated the publication of the design of the new vinotinto t-shirt in the networks of the charrúa club has been absolute, independently, of having been a tribute or a sales strategy. On Twitter, the publication has received more than 1400 retweets, more than 2200 likes and about 250 comments. This figure is higher, if one takes into account the impact generated on Instagram and Facebook. As a result, the networks have provided a great communication boost to the institution.

Montevideo Wanderers has won thousands of new followers, where not only of Venezuelans in Montevideo, but also citizens of the nation who are in various countries. Even thousands of people who remain in the nation sentimentally identified the original initiative.


LatinAmerican Post | Freddy González
Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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