Russia 2018: Two Peruvian players looking to excel in the world cup

Luis Advíncula and Miguel Trauco hope to bring security and speed to the Peruvian National Team

Russia 2018: Two Peruvian players looking to excel in the world cup

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The Peruvian Soccer Team has two exceptional wingbacks: Luis Advíncula and Miguel Trauco. Both players go through a great soccer moment. The two footballers have had a great performance in each of the teams they play and also expect to be figures in the World Cup.

Both Advíncula and Trauco were decisive in the classification of the 'Incas' to Russia 2018 and are key members in the scheme of the Argentine Ricardo Gareca.

What do Advíncula and Trauco bring to the Peruvian National Team?

Advíncula and Trauco are strong players, perform good centers and assists, and project themselves well into the attack. Both players hope to be protagonists with Peru in the World Cup in Russia in Group C, in which they will face France, Australia, and Denmark.

The speed of Luis Advíncula

  • The player is nicknamed as the 'Lightning' due to his speed and his great physical deployment that has allowed him to consolidate in the team directed by Ricardo Gareca.
  • He has also received the nicknames of the 'Locomotive', 'Bolt', and 'Trotamundos' for his great speed. Advíncula is very strong and powerful.
  • In addition, the player is a footballer who has a great shot from a distance because every time he has an option he looks at the opponent's goal and hits the ball very well.
  • At 28 years old, he plays with Los Lobos de México and considers that to be a good wingback, the main thing is to know how to score, defending the area well.
  • With the Peruvian National Team, Advíncula has participated in the last three editions of the Copa América and twice won the third place.
  • The footballer was one of the most important players in qualifying to Russia and played nine games in the play offs.
  • Advíncula has received the vote of confidence from Ricardo Gareca and in the World Cup he will be key for its good score and great projection when attacking.
  • The player is considered the fastest wingback in the world because according to a calculation made by Francisco Estrada, a Peruvian fan that went viral, Advíncula traveled 68.5 meters in 6.85 seconds.

The great performance of Miguel Trauco

  • This Peruvian left back acts with Flamengo of Brazil and has become one of the great figures of the team for his assists.
  • "It's amazing how quickly Trauco has adapted to Brazilian football. I am struck by his personality", said Ze Ricardo, Flamengo coach.
  • Trauco is called 'El Mozo' because he does great assists, and every time he projects on the left wing, he generates a lot of danger to the rivals.
  • Trauco also receives the nickname of 'Genius' for his excellent vision of the game and his brilliant centers that allow him to make great ratings.
  • The footballer is one of the key players of Gareca for his constant struggle on the court, and in the World Cup he hopes to be a figure against France, Australia, and Denmark.
  • At 25, Trauco hopes to be part of the elected players for Russia 2018 where he hopes to give hierarchy to the 'Incas'.
  • The wingers Luis Advincula and Miguel Trauco pretend to be figures with the 'Blanquirroja' and hope to show each of his skills and virtues in Russia.

After 36 years, Peru returned to a World Cup and in Russia will have the opportunity to show two laterals that are outstanding.


Latin American Post | Daniel Cuevas
Translated from “ Rusia 2018: Dos laterales peruanos que buscan sobresalir en la copa mundo”

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