Julián Molina: The athlete who sold empanadas to run the Argentine Marathon

Despite the difficulties, this Argentine athlete never lowered his head and fought until the end to fulfill one of his sporting dreams

Julián Molina: The athlete who sold empanadas to run the Argentine Marathon

The Argentine athlete, Julián Molina has had to go through a series of difficulties in his life that he has overcome with great desire and sacrifice. This renowned athlete who had the opportunity to excel in the Buenos Aires Marathon has gone through several economic problems. In his professional life he has had to make many efforts that have affected his athletic career and he has even had to retire.

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According to El Clarín, Molina got a job in an ice cream factory in Rosario that affected his waist and therefore abandoned athletics. Despite the obstacles, Molina dreams with competing in the South American Championship that will take place next year. The Argentine runner is a warrior with a fantastic story and who with courage on the athletic tracks hopes to leave behind all his problems.

Sacrifices for the Buenos Aires Marathon

Molina won the first place in this competition among his compatriots but the road was not easy at all since he almost did not participate. According to Infobae, the athlete had to sell more than 40 vegetable empanadas and worked on weekends as a waiter in order to compete.

Without sponsors, he made the decision to run the Buenos Aires Marathon and achieved the first place among the gauchos with 1h: 04m: 19s. Molina recognized in America Zeit that he did not imagine the title, which is a dream and added that at the beginning of the competition he was very anxious.

This athlete has had to make great sacrifices that have finally paid off and in each crisis he has seen the option of generating opportunities. "We must continue training to see the objectives that are coming within three weeks," he said in an interview with Medios Red.

His expectations with athletics

Next year, Molina will have the opportunity to compete in the South American Cross Country, after being runner-up in Argentina. This outstanding competitor told TN of Argentina that in athletics you have to train two shifts and maintain a good diet.

Due to the great work he has done in athletics for his good results, several sponsors should be interested in sponsoring him. According to statements given to 89.9 FM Radio with Vos, Molina hopes to have more support in order to devote himself completely to athletics.

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He added to the same media that his goal in each competition is to stand out in order to leave the name of Rosario and Entrerríos at the top. In fact, he will be competing in the National Cup Club in the 10,000 meters and his goal is to improve his personal brand and to beat records.

In statements given to Criterio Informativo, Julián confessed that his long-term dream is to eventually compete in the Olympic Games. He also explained to the same media that the sport changed his life and that traveling three times a week to Rosario to train in what he likes the most.

His trainer is Cristian Crobat, who has helped him improve each of his techniques at the time of running and has given him motivation and encouragement. Since 2012, Crobat is the coach of Molina and has been responsible for preparing him in the best way for long distance competitions.

Cristian told Telefe Deportes that he spoke with Molina to see how he should continue training as a true professional athlete. The athletic trainer emphasized that with Molina they will train at the gym in the morning and in the afternoon in order to continue opening doors.

Crobat stressed to Telefe that athletics in Argentina is not a sport that has economic recognition and that the search is fundamental. Another one of the competitions that Molina will face is that of the Rosario Solidarity Marathon that will take place on November 11 to succeed again. Despite the lack of sponsorships and a steady job, this Argentine continues to demonstrate his talent on the tracks without giving up.

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