4 great Latin American technical directors

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These football executives from Latin America have implemented strategies that have taken them to the top of the football world

4 great Latin American technical directors

Technical management in a football team is an extremely important part since it is the body in charge of managing successes in a team based on a good administration and a good sports management.

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Many executives in Latin America have been accused of corruption, but there are others who have achieved great goals because of their successes. The sports projects added to the strategic planning have made these men give great joys to the fans of their teams. According to diariocorreo.pe, a sports leader must organize a planned and structured work to achieve a high level in their institutions. A technical director must be a person with a high level of sense of fairness and justice to reward.

In Latinamerican Post we present the most successful Latino leaders in the teams they preside, giving great profits to each of their clubs.

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1. River, the millionaire in titles thanks D'Onofrio: After a series of failures, Rodolfo D'Onofrio came to the presidency of River and has given many joys. He knew how to rebuild a team from the ashes and turned it into a reference and an example to follow at an administrative and sporting level.

After his arrival in 2014, the 'millionaires' got used to winning titles such as two Copa Libertadores in 2015 and 2018, defeating Boca Juniors. In addition, the squad of the 'Cruzado Band' won the Copa Sudamericana in 2014 and the South American Recopa, the Suruga Bank and the Copa Argentina.

Important goals were achieved, which once again put one of the most prestigious clubs in Argentina at the forefront of football. Another of the key aspects in this management has been the incorporation of idols and referents of the club as Marcelo 'El Muñeco' Gallardo and Enzo Francescoli.

"With Marcelo and Enzo we have the same way of thinking about life and the importance of building a team," Rodolfo told to Central Fox. The leader also said that honesty, transparency and good behavior have been inculcated during his term in office management.

2. Policies of strong bases in the Brazilian Guild: The president of the Porto Alegre cadre, Romildo Bolzan, promoted a policy that has brought success. Bolzan indicated to marketingregistrado.com, that Gremio had an internal restructuring process since 2015 consolidating quarry players.

Likewise, he declared that players were bought with the premise of cost-benefit that gave them four titles in two years. In 2017, the Brazilian squad won the Copa Libertadores title after beating Argentina's Lanús in the final and was runner-up in the world.

The website, gauchazh.cliclrbs.com.br, highlighted the financial surplus that "El Tricolor Gaucho" had, thanks to the sale of Arthur and a TV contract. During the Bolzan mandate, more commercial sales have been encouraged, especially in team stores, and more partners have also arrived.

The Porto Alegre squad has become the first brand of Brazilian football, generating development and a good business environment. Bolzan is an inveterate fanatic who vibrates with the team's goals and confessed that as a true Gremista he has a bulge in his house.

3. He did not stop winning with Atlético Nacional: The Colombian club remembers Juan Carlos De La Cuesta with appreciation. He won 11 titles with the 'Green'.

El journal El Colombiano pointed out that in his management the Paisa team won 5 local leagues, 3 Colombian Cups, 2 Superliga, and 1 Copa Libertadores. The leader assumed the top position of the Antioquia institution in 2010, and also carried out a series of projects to eradicate violence.

Futbolete.com pointed out that De La Cuesta was the key to show the club as a role model to follow on the continent in all aspects. In its management, a first level administrative model was consolidated, the brand was projected and the sale of players abroad was increased.

4. Claure and his passion for football: The renowned Bolivian businessman, Marcelo Claure is the owner of Bolivar and is a partner of Inter Miami CF. Claure is passionate about football and one of his goals is to have a team that is a protagonist in the MLS, so he is constantly looking for the title. In business he has had many achievements and, since he bought the Bolivar in 2008, the blue box has won seven titles of the League of his country.

"The Bolivar is my passion. When it plays my world is paralyzed. I always see 100% of the club's matches, "Marcelo confessed to the website paginasiete.bo. The success pursues him in business and has always been a strong critic of the reality of Bolivian football that has been plagued by corruption.

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