The 'nice' side of Floyd Mayweather that we did not know

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Although the American boxer has a reputation for his arrogance, he has been in charge of helping his colleagues with rents and gifts to support them in their respective careers

The 'nice' side of Floyd Mayweather that we did not know

The American boxer Floyd Mayweather has always been characterized by the achievements he has obtained throughout his career. Even so, he is seen by many people as an arrogant and proud man, because he has taken it upon himself to show off his recognitions on social networks. He has also starred in a series of controversies due to the provocations he has had with each of the rivals he has faced.

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However, he has a side that many are unaware of: despite being seen as an arrogant being, he has a good heart that helps others. According to Ashley Theophane, who worked for Mayweather's company for eight years, the famous boxer took solidarity and fraternal actions.

As recorded these important events in the life of this legendary boxer, who stands out as a cordial person. LatinAmerican Post analyzes these events in which the good heart of the American is reflected with each one of his colleagues in society.

Collaborating young talents

In a review by As, Ashley indicated that Mayweather has helped athletes pay rent and find places to live. In the same way, he has given them advises to make them better people and to have a more stable life with financial aid.

"I want to get you important fights. And that's what he's done with a lot of fighters," Ashley told Sun Sport as Fox Sports mentioned. Ashley also said that, to move to Las Vegas, he bought her a car and works hard with charities.

She also stressed that there have been boxers who can not pay the rent and, when Mayweather finds out, he approaches and solves their debts. He has also been in charge of giving people the options of getting them a place to live so that they can sustain themselves.

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In turn, Marca said in one of its publications that Floyd was recorded giving USD $ 1,000 to a homeless person living on the street. On the other hand, as RT registers, the inhabitant of the street told him "God Bless you"; he also wanted to hug him, but Floyd gave him a handshake.

That video was seen more than 700,000 times and was responsible for challenging other celebrities such as comedian Kevin Hart to follow his example. Many people described this act as a supportive one, but he also received other criticisms saying that this person would not use the money correctly.

One of the most famous comments was "he will be robbed or spent them on more drugs. Quite irresponsible what Floyd did, if you ask me." The renowned web portal ESPN highlighted Mayweather's most important phrases in which he argues the reasons to help people.

"When I was 8 years old, I lived with my mother in New Jersey, there were seven of us using only one bathroom, and sometimes we did not have electricity." This was one of the sayings highlighted by the aforementioned medium, which shows that Floyd has shown solidarity because he suffered in his childhood.

His childhood was not the best, since his father lived on the streets, and his mother used drugs. For that reason, he had to take the reins of his home.

With only 16 years of age, he decided to work and the best option at that time was boxing, which has allowed him to have his livelihood and succeed.

In addition, he is considered as an honest and humble person, to whom money does not make people be a better human being than others. "I needed help to stand, and I had the ability. I hope someone will collaborate with me that way," Floyd said in a Bocón publication.

In the same way, he has invited other celebrities to follow his example, helping and cooperating with others in society. In a publication made by El Ciudadano, he affirms that he challenges them to do the same and to unite to step by step change the world in a better place.

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